Oh Happy Day

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I titled this post that because I watched sister act 2 and that song is stuck in my head....

I go through these phases where I have all the intentions in the world to come to this little corner of the internet and write my little heart out, but life has other ideas. Summer is approaching  fast and it just seems like there is always something going on. Visitors coming and going, vacations and other plans, but after next week I think we are going to see a little break in our busy schedules. I am excited to stay home and cook meals on the regular again, and excited to explore more of our new area! Taylor's brothers and sister in law were in town this past weekend, along with our nephew, Caedmon. They were mostly excited to just hang out and visit, along with some BBQ tasting. I'm always down for some wine and a catch-up fest, and of course anything that involves food, well sign me up!
At Central BBQ

I had to work part of the weekend, so Taylor took his family to the usual tourist spots. Beale Street and rendezvous in downtown Memphis, and they took the old trolley system around downtown as well. There is like a little splash pad area downtown where fountains shoot water up into the air. Caedmon wasn't a huge fan. We took them to Memphis BBQ company because so far that has been our favorite, and we also tried a new place that they were told to check out, Central BBQ. The sauce had a good smoky flavor, and the sweet tea had just the right amount of sugar. The next week we are headed to Texas for a little vacation time and visit some of my family! I am so excited! Here are the rest of our pictures from the weekend, I have got to go pack! Also, "The craft" is on TV and for some reason I love this creepy movie!
Baby Nephews FaceTiming.

Boys getting ready for some BBQ!

Brandon on Beale Street.

Brother Bonding time.

Oh, I love them!

Car Selfies

The dogs lounging

The in-laws enjoying some Beale Street


  1. Such fun pictures!! And you can't beat good barbecue :) :)

  2. I used to live in Memphis, and man, I miss the Rendezvous!

  3. That picture of the boys sitting on the couch is funny bc they all have their hand in a weird place. This is not to sound perverted lol.


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