Five On Friday

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hello Friday! I have been looking forward to you, mainly because I have a hot date with my husband who has been on duty. And by hot date, I mean a nap after work and then sushi for dinner. So lets go ahead and start this!

I love Game of Thrones, it is also the only show Taylor and I agree on.

This sunscreen, it smells amazing. Buy it.

This salsa recipe is so good, I'm so glad my sister in law introduced it to me. I could eat it all summer long

So excited I get to see both these studs this month!

I forgot this book came out, I will be reading it all weekend long.

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  1. Hey girl! So your five is awesome....the sunscreen, yep I'll try it! Salsa, yep I'll eat it! Babies, well duh put a baby on the post and I'm gaga. Chelsea Handler, I just laugh at her name she cracks me up! Thanks for visiting me I'll see ya next week :-) Enjoy the weekend ( I am in the rain watching two people say I do until divorce comes....oh that was mean....)


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