5 Things Cooler Than Celebrating Halloween.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Being a troll is cooler than anything, incase you were wondering.
Thanks to Erin, I know I am not alone in being STOKED  just fine about not celebrating Halloween.


Working. Clearly I would rather be at work than celebrating Halloween. I am only saying this, because that is actually what I will be doing on Halloween. I really have no desire to do anything Halloween related, but I would still prefer sitting on my couch over going to work. So maybe working isn't cooler than celebrating Halloween... whatever, this year, it is!


Cleaning. Not the normal laundry and dishes type cleaning, but the "throwing out crap I have accumulated over the past year and getting ready for our move in December" type cleaning. Do not get me wrong, I really love to holiday decorate, but I am over this tiny apartment. That being said, I am a little more than OK with not getting my decorations from the bottom of storage out for the holidays.


Being warm. As a child I vividly remember having cold toes while trick or treating. As a college student I vaguely remember (thanks alcohol), having a lot more than my toes cold. Stupid slutty costumes (read: come back skinny body, I miss you).
Those eyelashes look so natural...


Listening to feel good music is waaaaay cooler than listening to creepy music (which makes me check behind my shower curtain 12 times, as opposed to 10, before going to bed). Have you seen this video? I love it.


Drinking wine in my pajamas. To be honest, I can cure a sweet tooth much quicker with a dry glass of red wine, before stuffing my face with sugary milk duds that get all up in my grillllllll. Also who wants to stand in line waiting to do a keg stand? Not I friends, I have a box of wine with it's own tap... I mean... Happy Halloween!
Oh, Alice...

Going Home Is Good For The Soul.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I recently returned home to the wondrous place that is, Indiana. I actually am not a huge fan of Indiana, just the people there. However, the one thing I truly miss about the state of Indiana, is fall. It is so beautiful there in the fall, and we just do not get that kind of beauty here at the beach, this time of year. If you have ever moved away from home, you know going back is a bit exhausting. Trying to see everyone and make time for your loved ones is hard, especially when they don't all live in the same town. Typically when I go home, one of my best friends, who lives 2 hours away, comes down for one night, we go out to the bar, have a wonderful time, and then the poor girl has to get up early and drive the 2 hours home (hungover), because she is a mommy (thankfully her husband always helps out and lets her have a night out with me!).  While we have a fantastic time, it is never enough time; plus I don't get to see her fabulous children and sweet husband. After the year the bestie and I have had, there was no question we needed more than one night together. So my first 3 days were spent at her house before I even went home to see my mama!

Being in Kindergarten is tough, fell asleep while eating his after school snack.

She is such a diva! Love her
Breanna and her sweet little girl picked me up from the airport the Wednesday I flew in. I loved every moment of girl time with my dear friend, as well as sweet cuddles from Eva (the diva), and listening to her incredibly smart son read me his stories. Breanna's son, Ethan, is only 5. but watch out world... he is quite the character, and so, so smart. I loved listening to Ethan read me his stories he wrote himself. Not all the words were spelled write, but you could clearly tell he sounded them out and tried his best. Too precious. And one night Breanna invited her sister in laws over for a some sangria's and pumpkin decorating. We also played Ellen DeGeneres's game heads up (download now, you will love it!!!!!).

My Pumpkin.

Decorating pumpkins! Check out that mama multi-tasking!

No one told me super targets have Starbucks!!! Target is fun for all ages, clearly.

Making some yummy Sangrias!
The good thing about my best friend living 2 hours away from my hometown and where I usually spend a majority of my time, is that my father-in-law and bonus mother-in-law (husbands step mother) live 10 minutes down the road. It is so nice that my in laws invite my best friend and her family over for family events (they even donated their old play set to my bestie for her children!). Since I was in their neck of the woods, they picked me up one night for dinner. It was a really nice place on the water, and I enjoyed being able to catch up with them.

My last day with Breanna was spent at the Covered Bridge Festival. If you are not from the area you have no idea what you're missing. It is a huge festival centered around the beautiful covered bridges Indiana has  to offer. It is literally miles of walking around buying crafts (read junk), and eating all of your favorite fair food (read people of walmart unite). After we were full my mom and dad met us half way. Mom asked me if I wanted to drive or sit in the back with my sweet nephew Noah. Umm.. that was a no brainer.

Once I was home, I got to spend some quality time with my family. My nephew Noah recently turned one and his birthday party was that Sunday. I love that my husbands family is so awesome and came down to celebrate. My mother in law and bonus father in law were there. Along with the best sister in law and my other amazing nephew, Caedmon. Noah and Caedmon are 25 days apart, and with their red hair and blue eyes you would think they were blood related. I love watching the two of them together and watching them both grow. They are so close in age, but clearly two different little men. Their personalities are so sweet to be around. Caedmon wakes full of smiles and eager to play. Noah wakes full of attitude and cuddles. The party went well, and I was even nice to my oldest brother (per my sisters' request). I even invited him to our family dinner that was happening that following Tuesday. He told me he was thinking about hunting that night. I told him that was fine, but not to expect me to talk to him again. He was there for dinner, I like him again...
Junk for days!

Waking up to these three faces never gets old!

Who wouldn't be happy about getting naked and eating cake?

And because you can't just go to the covered bridge fest once, I rounded up some of my fave ladies for round 2! (mom, mother in law, sisters and sis in law, and don't forget those sweet ginger babies!).  While short, I did spend some time with old friends as well. I had drinks and appetizers with my dear friend Christena, and even got to catch up with a friend of 15 years. He is a cop now, and he let me ride along with him. It was really nerve racking at first, but then it was just pure adrenaline. Not that we really had an exhilarating chase, but I did get to turn the lights on, that makes me a cop. Therefore, please refer to me now as , officer HeatherRight.
Such an amazing friend.

8 years difference between these two pictures.
One nephew is happier than the other one to be at the Bridge Festival.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sometimes I find myself unjustifiably bored. There is nothing good on TV, I have read all my favorite blogs, and pajamas are on and bra is off; so you know I'm not going anywhere. I could very easily read a book, or tackle one of my 203485043 projects cluttering my spare bedroom, but that just seems logical. Instead, I choose to do other things.

I like to sing really loudly and obnoxiously.. to my dog. I can tell the sheer joy she gets when I do this, because she shows her gratification by running away to the farthest room possible. She is sweet like that.
Wishing she was deaf right about now...
 Sometimes, I get off my favorite spot on the couch, light some candles and add more clutter to my mantle. Adding more shit to something is kind of like remodeling your home, right? Right.
Too Much?
And when my boredom has really reached an all time low, I recall conversations that happened earlier that day. Like on Friday when two of my grown, adult, co-workers were discussing their new found obsession with playing pokemon online. I was really in shock to hear that instead of like every other American out there, they were not indulging in candy crush, but were reliving their childhoods with those creepy little characters. Later that night, curiosity (and boredom) got the best of me and I text one of the said coworkers for the website.
Turns out I suck at video games and couldn't figure it out anyways.

On Saturday, due to a sick pup and windy weather, plans of camping were cancelled. Insert another case of boredom. One of my favorite things to do is go hunting for deals at all the thrift shops this town has to offer. While it is always fun to look, some days you just don't find anything worth cluttering your home for. So to entertain your bored self, you find the ugliest 1980's wedding dress, and make your bestie try it on.
Laughing is good for the soul, and our souls were well that day in the vintage values dressing room.

And if you are still trying to find ways to forget how bored you are, always remember that Pinterest is a bottomless pit of entertaining ideas.

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