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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer summer Summer time!

 I feel like I have been so busy these last two weeks, so when I do have a moment a free time all I want to do is relax on the couch, while watching the food network. It has seriously become an obsession, I just lay there and drool and wishfully hope if I close my eyes and open them, the food they're cooking will magically appear on my table. No luck with that yet though.

So last weekend I headed back home to Indiana for a wedding. It was a short trip, but a good one. I arrived in town late Thursday night, drank a beer with my dad (he had a bag of pork rinds and a cold one waiting for me!), and went to bed. Friday morning I was awakened bright and early my by my nephew Noah. That afternoon I headed over to my old salon and visited with my favorite stylist while getting my hair done for a much better price then I would here in Memphis (and I KNEW she would do a good job!). The fair was in town this weekend so that night we headed down there to people watch and eat junk food for dinner.
When the fair AND aunt Heather are in town, we eat ice cream for dinner.

Later that night my best friend called and told me she had a sitter so we decided to hit up some of the hole in the wall bars with her sister. I'm convinced if Breanna and I lived closer I would be super skinny from all the calories I would burn from laughing!

Breanna's husband is a gem!

Saturday was the wedding, since the husband was visiting with his family in St. Louis, I took Breanna as my date (duh, who else?), it was a really nice wedding and reception, but after dinner Breanna and I decided the coffee we chugged before the wedding was kicking in (remember we had a late night the night before) and decided to go out again for drinks and to catch up. We chose the bar I used to work at when I lived in town. I'm so glad we did, because as Breanna was heading to the little ladies room, she ran into an old friend of mine.  I hadn't spoke to this friend in over 2 years and it was really good catching up (and yes there were tears and an over dramatic reunion in the middle of the bar).  As always Breanna and I ended our night with a sleepover session that kept us far too late giggling like middle schoolers! It's my favorite part about visiting with her when I go home!
Sunday my mom and brother in law cooked some delicious fajitas for a family get together. After dinner my mom and rode up to my friend Christena's to check out her brand new home. It is such a nice home and I am so happy for her and her family because they have worked SO hard for it. Monday I headed back to Memphis a little early to try and avoid the bad weather. It was a short, but sweet visit, but I was really happy to be back in my own bed snuggling with my Stella.
Looking rough after going out TWO nights in a row. But my Godson is super cute!

 If you made it through this whole post, go have ice cream for dinner!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Social Media made me hate you.

Before I start this rant, let me just begin with contradicting myself. I love "meeting" new people from blogging. I love that they blog about their lives and give you a sneak peek of what's going on in their lives. Lifestyle blogs make me happy.

That being said, people I used to really like in "real life", drive me nuts on social media. I think it is mainly because I like their public persona (you know the ones with manners and a filter?). In real life someone might seem some what educated, but they certainly don't proove that in their social media life. For example, they type in Ebonics or slang for everything "fo sho, lbvs, smh", if I have to google what the hell your status means, you are probably on my list of people I think are douche bags in social media life.

The next person I've decided I can't stand on social media, the selfie queen. Now, don't get me wrong, you could go through my phone or snap chats and see a million selfies, but I DO NOT post every single one. Nor do I make videos of myself and post them (my newest pet peeve, no one wants to see you chewing your food).

Next up, the victim. something is always wrong with you, and of course its never your fault. We know you in  real life, so we know there is nothing wrong with you, and if there is, it is your fault.

I know there is a ton of post out there describing the type of people on your news feed, and that's not what I'm trying to do. I'm just saying, if you I accept your friend request or start "following" you on social media, that probably means I like you, don't change that because you're an obnoxious over sharer on social media. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Memphis Bucket List

Since the husband and I move around frequently (ish) with his job, I've decided we need to see as much as Memphis as we can.  If you google things to do in Memphis there is actually quite a bit to see. So in no particular order.

--- Graceland
--- The Pink Museum
--- Jerry's Snow Cones
---The Civil Rights Museum
--- See a Red Birds game at Auto Zone Park
--- Find the best BBQ {{ so far we have had.. Memphis BBQ, Rendezvous, Central, The commissary, and Corkys}}
--- Go see a movie at the Drive In
--- Check out all the local Breweries
---Memphis ZOO
---Gibson's donuts (I've had donuts from here but have yet to go!)
--- Gus' Chicken
---Burke's Books
---Cooper-Young Antiques District

This is just the beginning of my list, there are over 100 suggestion on this website {{here}} once I research more on this list I'm sure mine will grow.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hey Hey Hey!! This holiday weekend has been SO uneventful for me!! This may be the most social thing I do all weekend, and I am OK with that! So let's link up! Join me {{here}} or {{here}}!

1. What is your favorite genre of music?
I have horrible taste in music, but I'm just going to say in general, I like pop music, or country.
2. What is your favorite genre of movies?
Along with my sappy love songs, I love a good girly drama romance.
3. Do you watch reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching?
I LOVE reality TV, it's a guilty pleasure. I think it all started with "Laguna Beach" if you can consider that "reality" TV.
4. Who is an actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
Does Ellen DeGeneres count as an actress? She's my favorite, and she played "Dory" in finding nemo so that counts as an actress.
5. Who is an actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?
Charlie Hunnam, for sure.
Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has big exciting plans for the weekend! I plan on looking for fireworks from my backyard this year, pretty exciting stuff I know! Of course I actually get the holiday off for once, and my husband has to work it! Typical. So before I go on sulking about this let's link up with Amanda over {{here}} for Friday favorites.

Favorite Pin

My best friend pinned this as a summer idea for her kids to do, but I immediately sent her a message letting her know we would be doing this when I come in town. I don't care if I am almost 30, a water balloon slip and slide sounds fantastic.

Favorite Song

I am not ashamed to admit I have a horrible taste in music, the sappier the better! This song is older, but I just love the Fray!
Favorite Read
I just finished the last book in the Selection series. I loved it! It was a really easy, quick read series! I hope they make a movie out of it.
Favorite Purchase
I love, love, love B&BW candles and this one smells sooooo good!
Favorite Moment
Discovering a box full of wine on my door step ((thanks Husband!!)).
Favorite Funnies
This is horrible, but while looking for the above wine gif, I found this, and it made me laugh way more than it should of.
It's awful, I know...
Hope you have an amazing 4th of July weekend!!

Meet @ the Barre

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Some times being a military spouse is amazing, and some times.. it's not. This is only mine and Taylor's second station together, the first being spent in NC for 5 years. I think when you marry a military man, you marry the military too. You know what you're getting yourself into. I knew we would move around frequently, I knew I was sharing my husband with his job, I knew I didn't want just "military friends". I knew I would make friends that were military spouses too though. I didn't know I would love some of them as much as I do. I underestimated the truth behind them becoming more like family. I do understand that opposites attract when you have a common interest. Sometimes the only thing you have in common is the Coast Guard, sometimes it's the fact that you both love Disney movies, yet don't have any kids.

With Taylor returning from deployment, that means we would be moving during non moving season. So of course we over lapped and were lucky enough to meet a really awesome couple who unfortunately got orders and are headed out in the morning. It sucks but, there are positives... like when one of your buddies move, they empty their fridge out into yours and vice versa when you move. Another positive is the fact that they get to go somewhere new and exciting (hopefully) and you have yet another awesome spot in the US to vacay!

So thank you for all the condiments, dear Bennets, and best of luck in St. Pete!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Thingsss

Hello Hello! Hope your weekend was smashing (I just spoke to my friend in England, they say smashing...)!! Mine was bittersweet, but lets focus on the sweet, shall we? My weekend started off with the Coast Guard banquet. It was nice to meet some of the husbands co-workers and their spouses, as well as watch one of our newest friends receive an award. It was a little more formal than the open bar Christmas parties I have attended in the past, but nonetheless, very nice. My only complaint was being eaten alive by mosquitoes, while sitting INSIDE. It never fails, they love me, anyone else have this problem?

I wish my husband  could wear his dress blues all the time because they're just so darn attractive! I may or may not have said some very inappropriate things to him, at very inappropriate times, but that's neither here nor there...

Saturday was pretty exciting because husband and I never have Saturdays off together, which really puts a damper on trying to explore our new city. We (okay, maybe just me) slept in and then we decided to start our date day/night with Stella in tow. We headed over to the local leash-free dog park. This dog park is so cool, it is not like other dog parks we have been to in the past. Instead a large fenced in sand pit, it is a HUGE piece of land with trails surrounding a lake. There are dogs everywhere roaming through hills and splashing in the lake (pond? maybe it's more of a pond?).  I was so impressed with how well Stella did. She has always been great with other dogs, but I was really impressed how she stuck with us as we walked the trails, instead of wandering off.

That night we had planned on going to a red birds game, but as we were leaving the dog park a dark cloud moved in, and rain continued into Sunday morning. Instead, we decided to check out a local Italian restaurant. It has been around for 65+ years. It was fantastic food, and it was bring your own wine, which turned out to almost be our emergency back up date. When we pulled up to the restaurant the rain was pouring down so hard we decided to wait it out in the car (the parking lot was full so we had to park waaaaay back behind the front door), we were seconds away from opening that bottle of wine when the rain finally let up long enough for us to run inside. Taylor ordered lasagna, I ordered a ribeye, both were fantastic.

Me: Babe, why do you look so creepy?
Him: because it is so stupid to take a picture with a bottle of wine.

After dinner we were going to hit up a movie, but decided the weather was crappy enough just perfect to go home and cuddle and watch Netflix, which is where we spent the rest of our weekend! We are addicted to the walking dead!

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