A lesson from Life.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's go ahead and assume the "blog every day in may" challenge, has turned into blog "whenever one of the prompted topics sparks my interest" challenge. So today's topic is "things you have learned that school didn't teach you".

 I have learned that you can not plan your life out. Things just don't work that way sometimes. If I were to ask high school Heather where she thought she would be in 10 years, that answer would have been far off from where I actually am. I thought for sure I would be done with school and teaching in a special education classroom somewhere. I thought I would be living in a home that I purchased with my husband and we would be well on our way to filling it with children. But life has taught me there are sometimes hiccups (good ones) that change these plans. Teaching wasn't for me. The husband (who I thank God for every day), came later. My career and that incredible house? It's coming; and those babies, well trust me they are still in the plans. But life is not one big plan, it is an unexpected, sometimes pleasant sometimes not, ride. We can't plan every detail out, but we can certainly hold on and enjoy what comes our way. I have also learned when you drink too much wine, you start writing blog post like a cheesy asshole. I wonder why my English teacher didn't teach me that in school?

Soap Box.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's challenge is to get up on my soapbox! And let's be honest, I like being up there. So here is my rant folks.

If you are going to adopt a pet, BE SMART ABOUT IT. Do adequate research on any type of breed you are interested in getting. If you are planning to adopt from a shelter (I encourage this!), still research the breed(s), even if it is a mixed pup. Animals should not suffer the confusion of being re-homed because you did not look into how big the animal may get, or how hyper they may be, and so on and so on. That being said, I understand things happen; unfortunate instances that keep some people from keeping their pets, but it should try and be avoided at all cost. That's my rant for today. I could go on and on about other things people shouldn't do with their pets, but I will leave it at that for today. Now here is an over load of pictures of my adorable pup we rescued from the shelter.

I'm not sure why that dog bed is there, she never uses it.


Tale of the Rotten Child.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today's challenge: A vivid childhood memory.

I think as a child I was really good at convincing people of what an angel I was. I was a good liar. Truth be told.. I was rotten. No childhood is complete with out a partner in crime. I met Rochelle in fourth grade and we instantly clicked. I spent almost every weekend at her house having slumber parties. One time we decided to give our selves makeovers, starting with our hair. I don't know if we were trying to make it "shine" or if we just wanted it to grow, but we had heard mayo was good for your hair, so we thought "why not"? The problem was we couldn't stop there. Once we got down to the kitchen, we decided EVERYTHING was good for your hair. So in a bowl we mixed mayo, eggs, lotion, pickle juice, oats and who knows what else. After we mixed the perfect paste we applied it onto our hair. I think her mother caught us about the time we were rinsing it out with hot water. Do you know what happens to eggs in hot water? They cook! I may or may not still be picking eggs out of my hair to this day.
Doing a science project on drinking. Those dark circles have haunted me since day 1!
Something I should mention about Rochelle and I is that we met at a private catholic school. This either says it all, or has you just as convinced as the others of what sweet "angels" we were. I think the number one thing the two of us had in common were boys, and we were crazy about them. About three years into our friendship it happened, we liked the same boy. I don't really remember how we came to the conclusion he wasn't worth our friendship, but we did agree revenge was in our future. We called him to let him know there were no hard feelings about the way things turned out and we wanted to meet him at the park for a picnic. Now, remember when I mentioned the fact that I was rotten? so we agree I warned you? OK. Rochelle and I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our picnic with this boy, we had smooth PB, he didn't. We thought revenge and PB&J's were best served with cat food. The poor kid ate half his sandwich before he was "full" and fed the rest of his sandwich to the ducks. We felt bad (years later) and confessed.  He told us he just thought the PB was stale and didn't want to hurt our feelings. Sucker. I admit it is not one of my finest moments, but my life is full of those and I have to blog about something, right?


Friday, May 17, 2013

Whoops! Missed a few days in the challenge, I'm not really that surprised. I am exhausted after this week and will not be making up for those two post. Deal :-). Today's challenge is a picture of yourself and why you like it.

It is not really the greatest picture or most glamorous (that one never happens!), but I love this. It was taken in Alaska and I couldn't be more happy to be in such a beautiful place visiting my studly boyfriend (I later married that stud!). And thats that. Today's post was easy!

If you're happy and you know it..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things that make me happy.
My furbaby.
  It really makes me happy to have her sleeping next to me and then she starts to have her little puppy dreams. Her paws start dancing and she starts to bark softly. I love it.
Chick Flicks.
Bubble Baths.
Best served with a glass of wine and a good book.
Conversations and pictures with old friends.
this picture is probably 8 years old? Cool hat, heather, cool hat!
Brownie Brittle.
If you have never had this, go get some now!
I love receiving cards the good old fashioned way, in the mail box with a postage stamp on it. Especially from my husband.
I love them and can never get enough of them. If it is from yankee candle, even better.
This is my favorite season and I love the cooler weather, bonfires, and the change of color in the trees. (It’s what I miss the most about Indiana!)
A clean home.
 It’s just so refreshing.
I could spend every day there watching the animals and the shows. I even wanted to be one of the trainers with the killer whales at one point. Which is so crazy because I hate getting in the ocean because I’m scared to death of what’s in there. Doesn’t make sense, I know.
He's not a killer whale, but I trained him well. This picture has nothing to do with anything, it just made me laugh.


Dear Facebook,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thanks for the picture adam. I'm sorry for this picture.
Dear Facebook,
Today’s challenge is a public apology. So let me start my apology with my Facebook “friends” first. I’m sorry that I gave you the impression that I cared. I in fact do not care that your child pooped in the potty and I certainly did not need to see a picture of that. I’m sorry you thought that. I’m sorry you thought that I and the other people on your friends list needed to know your “man” is a cheating whore, but not to worry, you will be back in loving arms tomorrow. I’m sorry I cannot help you with your search for drugs and that I could not accept your food stamp card as my reward. I’m sorry you’re 25+ years old and still looking for drugs, on a public forum no less. I am sorry your uterus fell out and a rabid, stray dog ran off with it and now you need my prayers. Didn’t that happen to you last week too? That is unfortunate. I’m sorry you couldn’t just ask for prayers without all the gory details. I’m sorry some things just shouldn’t be shared on a public forum (in words or pictures!). But hey that is just my opinion; I’ll go ahead and apologize for that too. I’m sorry I have let this online relationship go on longer than I should. I’m working on this. No really, I am... one click of the unfriend button at a time.

And to you Facebook. I’m sorry I am so ungrateful of your virtual hugs and the fact that I can just “like” a picture and get into heaven. I’m sorry I’m slightly addicted to you, I wish I wasn’t and if it weren’t for the fact that I use you as a form of communication with my husband, I would just go ahead and break up with you. I’m sorry we share a love/hate relationship. But I also want to thank you for giving me something to talk about. I feel our relationship coming to an end. But I want to thank you for the good times we had together.

Well gotta go, I haven’t checked Facebook in a while…

Tata for now!


Dear Husband, I miss you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It is the 12th day in the challenge and the topic today is something you miss. This was a no brainer, the thing I miss the most? My Husband.

Pictures taken by Kimberly Royal.
It has been 5 months and 2 days since I last saw him. I miss seeing his handsome face. I miss hearing him sing his obnoxious and humorous songs to me in the morning. I miss the moments when he would be doing something productive and I would feel guilty for being lazy, so I would interrupt his productivity with hugs and kisses. I miss arguing over the remote control and who gets to watch what (ok maybe I kinda like watching whatever I want, when I want... but just a little).
My husband always has these off the wall ideas. He always has over the top dreams and goals and it absolutely warms my heart to hear how excited he gets when discussing them.  I miss snuggling him and having him here to support me. Thank goodness I get to see him less than two months.
Stank Eye. Double fisting. Standard.

That time I gave them a lil' show.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me so I didn’t get around to the embarrassing blog post from yesterday for the challenge. Since the rules of the challenge state that the blogger police will not arrest me for making up for a post the next day... I’m doing just that. I know I recently talked about awkward moments and that I’m really good at them. Therefor I have an array of good stories, but today I have narrowed it down to just one.

A long time ago there used to be a girl, a skinny girl, who went by the name of Heather. She had decided to go tubing behind a boat for the first time ever at her friend’s lake. Since it was heather’s first time tubing, she had no idea bikinis weren’t the best thing to wear, especially string bikinis. She put on her life vest on (home girl doesn’t swim very well… like at all), and hopped on. She was having a blast holding on for dear life and screaming at the top of her lungs. Then it happened, she was flung from the tube, splashing around in the water trying to compose herself. Once she could see, she spotted the boat circling back around to pick her up. That is when she realized her bikini bottoms were no longer on her bottom. She franticly splashed around grabbing at the water and luckily she found them. Phew... awkward moment diverted. Then she got back on the boat. A little bit later she decided to take the life vest off and that was when her friend started yelling to put it back on. It was too late. She had just flashed the goods to everyone sitting on the boat. Turns out string bikini tops don’t like to stay on while tubing either… Womp Womp.

NERD ALERT. No that's not the flash, that is the sun reflecting off of my transparent skin.

A description...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Of myself, in ten words or less, that is the challange for today. It was a little harder than I thought. These are what I decided on..
And that is me, in a nutshell, in my opinion. TaDa!
Shameless selfie for the win!

Today sucked.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It is the 9th day of “blog every day in May”, but for me it is the second day. I like being different. Today’s post prompt is a "moment" from your day. Y'all, it was a tough decision to pick just one. At first I was going to show you a picture of me hanging outside on the balcony on this beautiful day, but I couldn’t do that because some asshole of a wasp decided to build his home out there. Then I thought I would show you a picture of me on the phone for hours attempting to be an adult and take care of business. However the frustrations I endured with amount of morons I encountered during these hours caused quite the distraction, and I forgot to take a picture. After that, I had to go to work, and considering the fact that I did not want to be there, I couldn’t imagine you wanting to see a picture of me in my non-happy place. So without further ado…

There you have it, the view I have my from my comfy couch. The beginnings of a night full of pretending to do homework, while really watching glee in the background. Don’t judge me, I’m multi-tasking.

Joining the party a little late..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In April I read that one of my favorite bloggers Jenni was having a “blog every day in may challenge” and she was even nice enough to include blogging topics for every day. Since I have a hard time on deciding what awesome things I should blog about, I was thrilled to jump on this challenge. As you can tell I am starting a little late. Today’s topic was to give some piece of advice. My first piece of advice is to not start a "blog everyday challenge" when you are visiting your parents who have not come to terms with today’s technology. That’s right, my parents do not have internet. I remember having dial up in high school, but once my sister and I moved out they didn’t see the use in paying for something they didn’t ever use. They are getting there though, I think. My 80 year old father recently took a computer class at the library, and my 66 year old mother has been working on texting.
Bless her heart!
My next piece of advice is to not always assume your husband is the guilty culprit in a practical joke. Don’t get me wrong; my husband usually is the one to blame, but the particular incident I’m talking about happened this past Monday. It just happened to my first day back from Indiana, and it was also my birthday. I was going through my mail from when I was gone and while I tossed the boring envelopes (bills) to the side, and read some really sweet birthday cards I couldn’t help but notice a small little box that had been shoved in my tiny mail box. I didn’t recognize the return address that was some business in Ohio. I tore the box open trying to hold back the excitement of what someone could have sent me for my birthday. The box inside the package was plain so I tore back the flaps and this is what I found…
Hello there adult diapers!
I know I’m getting old but I do not think I am quite ready for adult diapers… Since it was a sample of depends, I assumed it was my husband because he is king at signing up for free samples. Later that day my friend called to find out where we were going for dinner and then asked if I felt any older. I told her I didn’t but my husband must of thought I was getting really old because he sent me sample a of adult diapers. My friend immediately started laughing, hysterically. Turns out she had signed me up for them over a month ago and the fact that I didn’t receive them until my birthday couldn’t have been planned any more perfect. I think it is hilarious. I also hope she knows I am plotting revenge, and that she leaves me unattended her home on several occasions… ;-).  

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