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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The last of my visitors left Monday, and I'm still recovering. My liver is still mad at me, my heart is still sad, my cheeks still hurt from laughing, and I have some incredible memories from this past weekend. I'm not sure why I decided to work the same day as my visitors arrival, because of course I didn't sleep well the night before. And procrastinated things I needed to get done before the best friends a gal could ask for (and their guys) showed up. Of course the military life is always unpredictable so Taylor's schedule was all messed up, and he wasn't home to help. Thankfully my anxiousness kicked up the adrenaline rush and I was able to get everything done, with time to spare. While I was waiting for the girls to arrive, my sweet friend stopped by with banana pudding she made for my out of state friends, and wine for us to enjoy while we waited (thanks Karen). Y'all, every time stella barked or even moved I wanted to jump out of my skin with excitement that some one  was here. Turns out, stella was not on her A-game.

Breanna and her husband were the first to arrive, followed by Amanda and her boyfriend. The first night pretty much involved lots of catching up, giggles, and wine. I was trying to read my girlfriends and assess whether or not they knew about my secret, a mutual friend of ours was flying  in from Texas later on in the week and I wasn't quite sure we had pulled it off ((spoiler alert: we didn't)). We didn't have a lot of plans for the next day, I figured everyone would be tired from traveling and decided to just play it by ear. I was so incredibly shocked to discover I was the first to awake the next morning, that never happens. Once everyone started moving, we decided to head on down to Beale Street and did what tourist do. We listened to music, had drinks, ate BBQ and were hassled by the pretend homeless (if you have ever been to a big city, you know what I mean; if you're scared of your own shadow like me, you know how terrifying these creeps are...). Later that night we headed on over to the casino, I think Breanna was the only one who came out lucky that night, but we all had fun playing. After the rest of us lost our money we headed back home, where the ladies retreated to the deck for some more cocktails, followed by a round of cards against humanity!!
Morning Yoga

Bean is always so serious ;-)

Taylor couldn't make it to listen to music, so we pretended!

And then a ninja turtle showed up!

Part 2 coming tomorrow!!

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