Sunday Social : Summer time.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

1.)) What was your best summer memory as a kid?
We used to vacation at the Jersey Shore (before the guidos had a TV show), while I hated the long drive there, that 2 weeks was awesome! I would get up early and walk the beach with my aunt, collecting as many unbroken shells that my little pail could handle. Spend all day at the beach and running wild down the boardwalk for ice cream or cheese fries. In the evenings we would head over to the bay and throw out our crab pots. It was always my favorite part of the day.

2.)) What is your favorite summer drink?
Typically, I just enjoy an ice cold beer in the summer, but recently I have been LOVING margaritas. On the rocks, with a splash of O.J. please.

3.)) What is your favorite summer TV show?
I can not tell a lie, I am so flipping excited for RHONJ (refer to the "about me blurb" it explains my love of trashy TV) returning in July, even if most of them are not returning this season, my favorite train wrecks are!! Also, I'm pretty pumped about Pretty Little Liars coming back in June!

4.))What is the best summer outdoor activity?
I really enjoy fishing, and vow to do more of it this summer.

5.)) What are your summer vacation essentials?
If you would like to read right {here} you will know my number one is sunscreen. My number 2 is a book, a really good book. Which reminds me, I need a new one. Any suggestions? Please?

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  1. I miss Jersey shore! I grew up in Jersey... and I miss how it was before that *darn* show.

    Boba + Pearls

  2. I just got back from a wedding in Ocean Grove, NJ. It really had me longing for my youth spent at the Jersey Shore, too! I love fishing and want to do more of it. As for a good book recommendation, I'm unsure the genre you prefer but a few I'd recommend are: Girl with the Pearl Earring, Cloud Atlas, and The Godfather.

  3. Oooo a frozen margarita in the summer is THE BEST! That is my favorite beach drink! I have never been to NJ, we have family in MD so we always go to Ocean City, MD. It's one of my favorite places ever. So many great memories there

  4. I am craving a trip to the beach so badly! Especially for 2 weeks, I'd take that in a heartbeat!

  5. I grew up in PA and going to the beach during the summer was the best. For books try anything by Beth Hoffman. She has authored 2 books and they are both such great reads.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. If you want to get addicted to a series, The White Queen and the rest of the series is an easy read and addicting!

  7. Yay the Jersey Shore. Thats where I spent my summers as a kid too, which was way before the tv show. I'm sad to hear that it has changed.

  8. i have never been to the jersey shore, looks amazing (not including the tv show, haha). and now i want a margarita. ahhh books. i just started the fault in our stars and the light between oceans (yep, i read two books at once) and they are so far so good. i love pride and prejudice every day all day... i liked the divergent series but not the last book...


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