Surprises and Brewfest!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Soooo... after our night at the Casino the girls decided to go out and get massages the next day. Breanna was the first one awake so she called and made appointments (I still don't know the area any better than she would). When we arrived to the spa, it wasn't exactly what we had in mind, the place kind of looked like a pop up massage parlor. There were 3 people working and as we were filling out our "first timer" paper work we were all cutting each other uncomfortable looks from the corners of our eyes. Since there were 3 of us, and 3 of them, they put a sign on the outside stating that they were closed, that was another thing that made me a little uncomfortable (not to mention the 3 masseuse did not look like your typical "give a good rub down" type). We all headed back to our respected massage rooms and prepared for the worse. One hour later we reconvened in the lobby, and all agreed they were the BEST massages any of us have ever received (and I was thrilled to receive coupons for my next trip in the mail the other day). After our awesome massages, we decided to continue our girls day with lunch and shopping. We had been to store after store, when the girls were ready to head the next store I had to decline, because I knew my husband was not only coming home, but picking up our friend Ashley from the airport. Ashley and I had decided to surprise the other girls and not tell them she was flying in from Texas. So as we prepped for dinner, I awkwardly waited for them to arrive. When I opened the door, Amanda heard Ashley's voice and practically ran Breanna over to get to her, unfortunately Breanna was the only one surprised because Amanda said she had a feeling she was coming. Either way, my heart couldn't be happier to have all 3 of these lovely ladies under one roof.

Love Love Love them!

The next day was the Brewfest that essentially brought all of my lovely friends in town. We woke up and headed downtown for lunch and pre-gaming. We stopped in at a creole kitchen for some beers and crawfish. After walking around Beale street we headed on over to Autozone park for Brewfest. There were over 200 different samples of beer to be tried and a couple different bands to listen to. I have learned that  beer in abundance brings all walks of life to one area.
making pretzel necklaces

Trolley Fun!

They were REALLY enjoying themselves.

Husband = Out of control.
I love them!

The morning after Brewfest, my friends slowly started their journeys home, Breanna and her husband first, followed by Ashley, and on Monday Amanda and her boyfriend. I was really sad to see all of their faces go, but I am so happy to have had the chance to host all of them here in our new home!

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