Monday, October 27, 2014

The thing about blogging is, you're suppose to show up to your blog and write post. They don't actually write and publish themselves, who knew? It has been over a month since I wrote a post. Nothing super exciting or traumatic has happened in these past 6 weeks, I just wasn't feeling it. I have not had a desire to show up here, or blog land in general. Beside the few bloggers I've stumbled across in the last few months, I'll of my "regular reads" are crap. I get you're making money of your blog and yada yada, but enough with the sponsored post. If 4 out of 5 of your post are sponsored, just Ew!

So there is my rant, it's over now; and the good thing about blogland is that there are a million other blogs out there. So see ya later sponsor skank Suzy, I'm on to legit lifestyle blogger Lisa.

So since my last blog post, here are a few of the highlights.

We have been to Indiana twice now, once for Taylor's high school reunion. And once for a wedding.
Sister-in-law Selfie

From baby bottles to liquor bottles, these two have been friends for a lifetime!

I do what  I want

Can you tell it was a small town, high school reunion?

Cuties ready for a wedding! Check out  that retro camper!

"Quality make out session"

Grandma and Grandpa took good use of the dance floor with Caedmon.

Clearest picture of us all night. #Selfie

Mother of the groom/ my MIL/ another pretty aunt.

We stopped at the Makers Mark Distillery so my husband could pick up his bottle.

Stella wasn't that impressed....
We played tourist and went to the Loraine hotel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot.

My in-laws came to visit and we went to an Elvis impersonator show. It was extremely cheesy, but entertaining. Elvis came around and zoned in  on me for a little personal singing time. Elvis then called me up on stage, for what we all thought was going to be some silly entertainment. Instead that stupid impersonator asked me to go around collecting his tips for him. Rude!

We have started a new Sunday tradition with our neighbors. They hook their TV up outside and we cookout, drink beer, and watch football. It is pretty amazing.

I've been working on the house, room by room, porch by porch.
Guest Bed.

I love fall

Peak at the living room, and some quality cuddle time between Stella and "Pawpaw" (my father in law).

And the most exciting thing I have been up to? Binge watching all of the Sex in the City episodes. I'm in love.

What have you been up to?
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