Thursday, May 22, 2014

So tomorrow starts a new weekend, and I meant to post what we did last weekend before the next creeped up on me, but my body had other plans. Turns out, I'm old and when you're old, you end up at the urgent care down the street with a strained muscle not only in your back, but your ankle too. So between the muscle relaxers and the sleep that accompanies them, looking at a computer wasn't happening!

SO anyways, since Taylor and I are new to Memphis, we have to check out every festival, no matter how big or small. Last weekend just happened to be the world championship BBQ festival. It is quite a big deal and people fly in from all over the world to enter. Anyone can go to the festival but you must know somebody to actually get into a tent.
Just to give you an idea of how big this festival is! {{VIA}}

A girl I work with invited Taylor and I to come check it out, her husband had entered the contest, so they had tent. There is a mix of people involved in the BBQ fest. Some big corporate offices will buy a spot and then throw together and two story tent for the employees to come party at. They are more there for the party it seems, as opposed to the cooking contest. Then there are tents (like ours) that consists of a small group of cooker, who take it very, very serious.

There is so much that goes in to into prepping and preparing. There are several different categories from sauces to the "Anything But Pork" to the over all pork BBQ.  It was really interesting to see it all.

Buuuuut there is one thing about BBQ fest you should know. It is not like other cook off contest, you know the kind where you walk from tent to tent tasting food, you're not actually eating BBQ. Is this not absurd? Had I known this in advance, I might not of drove 30 minutes downtown for no food. I mean they have a food area set up that resembles that of going to the fair (cheese fries, lemonades, ears of corn), but it was just not what I expected. Either way we did enjoy ourselves and can now say we have been.
BBQ Selfie! I'm not sure why my husband can barely take a normal picture...

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  1. that does sound really weird that you can't go into other tents and eat their food too. boo! but at least it was fun :) thats so cool that you and your husband check every festival out.


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