Turkey Hangovers.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello, Hello! I hope everyone had an AH-mazing Thanksgiving and weekend. We just returned home from Indiana, and it was great. The initial drive there was seven and a half hours, and every day after that we spent at least one hour in the car if not more, driving from one families house to another. Since my sweet husband did 99 percent of the driving, I spent a lot of time on my phone (social media whore right here...). That being said, when around actual humans and not Internet ones, I didn't grab my phone a lot. Since I am such a professional blogger, that means I didn't take whole lot of quality pictures. We went to three different thanksgiving dinners while home, and I did make some yummy new recipes, so I'm going to share those bad boys here today! Enjoy.

My favorite were these yummy asparagus bites! Similar recipe here.

These were delicious, I found these (and the inspiration for the asparagus bites) via Biana's blog, and I knew immediately I wanted to make them. I did tweak it a little and used crescent rolls instead of pie crust. They were definitely a hit.

This was another new recipe for dessert, and they must have been good because I had one bite before they were gone.

Buffalo chicken dip wasn't a new recipe, but it is ALWAYS a hit. I am requested to make this so much, I've taught my husband how to do it, because quite frankly, I get tired of making it! Apparently no one gets tired of eating it though. There are a lot of good recipes for this one, but I am going to post mine later this week when I am not so jet lagged (bogus excuse, we totally drove, but oh well!). You will love it so much, you will make it all the time and just watch your dip disappear (scouts honor). Tell me all about your holidays now, will ya?

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mondays are not so bad when it is the only day you have to work the entire week. So bring it on, Monday! How was every ones weekends? Fabulous I hope! We started our weekend off by hitting up our last restaurant on the tour of restaurant week. Memphis has one week where the more expensive place have a discounted menu. Since we haven't really ate at a lot of places downtown yet, this was a great way to check some places out at a discounted price. The first place we went to was Automatic Slims. The food was good, but we agreed we would probably just go back for an appetizer and their 3 dollar martinis on Monday night.

Lobster Tator Tots!!

The second restaurant we tried was Bleu. The reviews were not very good on this place, but it was one of the only places with a reservation open. I am glad we had a discounted menu, because the food was just mediocre, and the service was pretty bad (which was the biggest complaint I had read). I am not sure it was entirely our severs fault she gave bad service. She seemed relatively new and I counted at one point she had 7 tables, one of them being a large party. We had ordered a bottle of wine, and when my glass was empty my husband went to pour me another, when our sever came over and took the bottle of our hands, claiming her boss would kill her if he saw a guest pouring their own wine. At this point, I think the manager needs to worry about other things, like staffing properly.

The last place we ate was by far our favorite, it was at Capriccio Grill in the Peabody hotel. The food was really good and the service was what you would expect for such a fancy pants place! It is definitely on our list of place to go back to!

On Saturday, the husband had duty, so it was just me and a bottle of wine! I rented the fault in our stars and tried my hand at some Christmas chalkboards. On Sunday there was a lot of lounging and laundry. I went grocery shopping for all the things I would need for the dishes I'm making at the three (yes three!!) different Thanksgivings we will attend.
Not too shabby for my first one. 
Still have to add the words, but for free hand, I was impressed with myself!

Cuddles and creepy mustaches. Is No Shave November over yet??

Tell me all the exciting things you did this weekend, will ya?

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Friday, it's a sexy word.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We have been exploring downtown a lot more this week (more on that later),  and today we are going back downtown again. Taylor has always had a desire to live in a high rise condo in the downtown area of a big city. I am not really keen on the idea, but for fun we are going to check out some property. My biggest concern is the fact that we have two dogs, so I think we will keep our nice little home with the fenced in back yard. What are you doing this weekend?

Favorite Song:
I am seriously obsessed with this song right now and Hozier in general.

Favorite Purchase:
A dear friend of mine is due in December and I couldn't resist these precious gifts. My cousin ((by marriage)) makes them and she is so talented, and her prices are too good to be true! Check her out here at MADEBYMOLLY.

Favorite Show:
I am so glad 2 Broke Girls returned a couple weeks ago. This show makes me hunch over in pain from laughter.

Favorite Moment:
Is it sad that my favorite moment was seeing the trailers for Cinderella and Pitch Perfect 2? Who else is beyond thrilled about these two?

Favorite Funnies



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Lets take a vacation!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I love that Taylor and I both have jobs that are fairly flexible with us taking vacation time (mine is unpaid, so of course they don't care). It makes it really nice because when you move away from home, you miss family and try to get back as much as possible. That being said, Indiana is not a desirable vacation spot. We have to travel north, in the fall/winter. Ew, just ew! So while I'm enjoying wine with family, and snuggles with nephews, I will be dreaming of the new year and a vacation somewhere with a view! Where, oh where should we go?

I have already been to the Bahamas years ago, but I would love to go back to "Pig Beach" and stay. I mean it is such a cute little island, and hello, you can swim with little piggies!
Glamping in Ireland. I don't mind camping, but glamping really seems to be the way to go. And who wouldn't mind waking up to views of the country in Ireland.
How about a cabin on Emerald Lake in Canada. I don't care if there is snow on the ground, I'll just enjoy this view from a hot tub please.
Santorini Greece, because who hasn't wanted to go there since watching The sisterhood of the traveling pants?
How about a personal little hut in Maldives. At night we can walk the Sea of stars.
Or how about Bolivia! It has gorgeous rain forest and Ah-mazing salt flats.
 I'm ready to pack my bags and leave now, who's in? Where would you go?

Mondays are hard.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I have a really hard time getting motivated to do much of anything productive on Mondays. Monday is the annoying red-headed step child  when it comes to days of the week. So since I couldn't show up Monday morning for a weekend recap, I'm here now!

Friday was pretty exciting. I spent the day cleaning out my pantry and taking inventory of everything in there. I know this makes me sounds like a big dork, but that pantry was super crowded. I have so many duplicates of things because my pantry was just so unorganized. If I needed something for a recipe I typically just buy it instead of looking in the pantry first. But not anymore!

This is my next project!
Friday evening we caved, and put out our Christmas stuff. Now, before you go and tell me an elf kills a baby reindeer for every Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving... hear me out. We travel for the holidays, so if we waited for the acceptable time to do things, we wouldn't get to enjoy our decorations very much.  So judge away, my house is cozy and christmasy. And Gatsby has only taken off with one Christmas bulb, so I call that a win.

This tree looked a lot bigger in our apartment...

No shave November, you are creepy.
Decorating was hard work.
Saturday we went to the Orpheum for the first time and jammed out to some Old Crow Medicine Show. The Orpheum is a beautiful venue. We had balcony seating, and my beer MIGHT of spilled... on to the people sitting below us. But that is neither here nor there (It truly wasn't my fault). Before the show we had dinner and couple beers at the flying saucer across the street. I ordered the Mojo wings and they. were. HOT.
I need margaritas to get ready..

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for us, a lot of lounging on the couch. We did venture out for some bloody Mary's later that day, but a called it a night pretty early!

How was your weekend?
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