Password Problems.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Once upon a time, I used the same password for everything. Being that I am 29 now (as of yesterday), my memory isn't what it used to be. Somehow in the last year, I have started changing my passwords for various reasons to different accounts, the problem with this... I can't ever remember what I changed it to. Was there a capitol letter in this one, did I have to have a number for this one, was it one of my passwords or one of my husbands, why is this crap so hard?

I can not express to you how many times I have been locked out of accounts and had to call customer service to be allowed access again, to which I have to select, yet again, a new password. Thankfully in the last two weeks I have started either A.) writing them down. or B.) taking screen shots. I realize this may not be a new concept to most, but bare with me folks, I'm almost 30! Ahh there it is, I said it. Anyways, I was thinking my next step may involve tattooing my passwords somewhere, and then I reminded myself that me and needles to not go well together, so that is gonna be a big haaaaaail NO! Any tips for keeping track of all of these different passwords? Advice is welcome!
In the mean time, my planner and I just became a little closer!

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  1. I forget so much. Between all my work passwords and then the ones at home, I'm setting myself up for alzheimers I tell ya. I have a planner that has been my where did I put it...?


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