10 Reasons Deployment Can Be Awesome.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Yes, you did read that right, there can sometimes be an upside to a deployment. While for obvious reasons, it sucks, you still need to find the good things that come out of a deployment; otherwise you end up sitting around just being sad. Sad does not look good on anyone, unless you are Farah from teen mom. Man, can that girl cry beautifully or what? I am totally kidding and if you have never had the pleasure of seeing her "cry face" I am sincerely jealous of you. So here we go...
Being sad is for suckers!

10. Center of Attention.
Since my husband left, I am officially the favorite "parent" to our fur-pup Stella. So what if it is by default and come this time next month it will no longer be true. Right now I am soaking up every ounce of cuddles and kisses I can get.
I'll always love you more mom... No one believes you Stella!

9. Gaining Independence.
Before I moved to NC with my husband, I lived at home with my parents still ( no rent, home cooked meals, and my mother had my clothes in the washer before the even hit the dirty laundry hamper... why on earth did I leave.. oh yeah, I fell in love).. Thankfully the man I married loves to spoil me, or has come to terms with my spoiled/lazy ways, and has always taken care of doing the dishes, laundry, and other household chores. Since Taylor has been gone, I've learned that the chores MUST be done. The light bulbs won't change themselves, along with the battery in the smoke detector. I have even learned where our tools are located and how to use them. I have even learned to improvise; for example did you know when a hammer is not handy, you can use the remote control? Seriously though, any object you throw hard enough at a spider will kill it....

8. Grocery Shopping.
I am actually one of those people who love to grocery shop, but when the person you share the kitchen with is deployed, ahhh grocery shopping just becomes that much better! Goodbye hamburger helper, hello Indian food.

7. Never shutting the bathroom door.
I realize there are some couples that are so open with each other, there is never a closed door. Good for you, We are not one of those couples. I don't care if I'm taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or taking a sophisticated tinkle, I'd prefer the door to be shut. This might be the hardest thing for me to get back into the habit of doing when husband returns home.

6. Appreciation.
When you are forced to be apart from the one you love, the one who knows you better than anybody, you really learn to appreciate them even more. You miss the little things, even the annoying ones. Someone remind me of this when I'm being serenaded by one of my husbands cheesy songs, the ones that are always way too early in the morning.

5. Girl time.
Taylor and I have never been one of those couples that had a hard time balancing friend and married people time, but it can be bittersweet knowing you don't have to compare plans with anyone and just go ahead and make them. While I miss having my husband around, and all the perks that apply to having a husband, I'm also very blessed to have some amazing girlfriends who have been there for me through this deployment. Deployment is good for friendships.

4. Hobbies.
While my husband is learning new ones, like scuba diving, I am re-falling in love with old ones. Something as simple as reading more books is a little more enjoyable when you're on your own ((sorry babe)). But seriously, it is so hard to read when your husband stops you and wants to know why you're laughing. Book-buzz kill.

3. The whole bed.
Well, maybe not the whole bed, but since Taylor has been gone, Stella has learned that I really like to stretch out and keeps her distance, laying on Taylor's side of the bed (with his pillow and all)! This may be an even harder adjustment than number 7 upon his arrival home (sorry, again, babe!).

2. Shopping with out judgment.
It turns out, my husband would actually prefer me to buy clothes, he actually encourages it quite often. Mainly because I don't, buy clothes, hardly ever. I'm not a normal girl and I don't love clothes shopping. However, going to a thrift shop and buying crap to decorate with, well sign me up for that! Crap I don't need from Target? Yep, no one to tell me no. Don't get me wrong, Taylor could care less what I buy to hang on the walls from good will or target, but it is nice not to have the suggestion of a lava lamp next to it... I also have enjoyed adding more bath and bodywork's soaps to my collection, without being called a hoarder (I'm a collector, not a hoarder Damn it!).

1. The homecoming.
This has got to be the number one reason deployment, is awesome. I always secretly envied girls who experienced these amazing homecomings, not the part that led up to it, but the running into each others arms. I'm convinced this moment actually happens in slow motion, like life literally slows down. Don't tell me it doesn't, because after these 11 months, I KNOW time can slow down, sometimes stop. The idea of this homecoming has been the goal this whole time, and it going to be one of the best moments, hands down, in my entire life!
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