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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The husband and I didn't do anything too exciting this weekend; we were so excited not to have plans that we just hung out around the house. We went out to dinner for sushi Friday night, but I still feel awkward most of the time taking pictures of my food out in public. Mainly because my husband likes to yell "what are you doing?" to draw even more attention to our table. He thinks he's funny. Our end chairs to our dining room table finally came in, so while I was at work Sunday (alllll mothertruckin day), Taylor put those babies together for me! So, I actually found my camera and decided to use it today to take pictures of our new kitchen dinette set. Then I went to load them on my computer aaaand they wouldn't upload. Cool. My computer won't recognize my SD card. Because my camera is so old, I have no idea where in the haaaail the cords are, sooo here are some crappy iphone photos (my favorite kind!) of our kitchen table and our coffee bar!

You can also see our travel wall behind the table here.

Here is a closer look, we also found a bench that matches the table perfectly!
I knew when we received our keurig at Christmas I wanted to have a coffee bar in our new home. Taylor and I looked everywhere for some type of furniture that we could use as coffee bar on top, but use as a liquor/wine bar underneath. We never did find something that invoked the vision we had in mind. But when I found this piece at Hobby Lobby I knew I wanted it. So while were still looking for a wine bar, my coffee bar is coming along quite nicely!

I still need to decorate the shelf, but for now this look will do!
The baskets are full of my loose leaf and bagged tea!

My husband is OBESESSED with ordering K-Cups off amazon!
Ugh, I need a new camera! Like yesterday....


  1. I love the idea of a coffee bar!!

  2. i love love love your dining set + the gallery wall haha! im a sucker for a gallery wall. love the coffee bar, my husband would love that!


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