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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let's make this post quick, I have a best friend here to giggle with! Linking up with Amanda!

Favorite Moment:
My Bestie and her family being here, DUH!

Favorite Song:
It's an old one, but I heard Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel on the radio and it made me want to hear the original version by Old Crow Medicine Show. It's much better, IMO!

Favorite Read:
This article is fantastic. These vows are great! I'd like to add these to my do-over wedding.

Favorite Purchase:

I am about to get real redneck on y'all. We bought a "conceal to carry" class off of groupon. And I'm pumped. I am not a huge 'pro-gun' advocate, but I think they are necessary for self protection. That being said, I'm not super comfortable with guns, so I am happy to be taking a step in a more comfortable direction.

Favorite Announcement:
Anyone else catch this? I hope they're not toying with my emotions, like they did with the Saved By the Bell reunion!! Don't let me down Uncle Jesse!!

Favorite Funnies:
So true!
Well this is a sad truth...
I told y'all yesterday that my BFF has some funny kids. This was her six year old son's homework. Please notice the note on the bottom to clarify to the teacher what his homework is talking about.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


  1. I was like say what???? Then I saw the laser tag part ;-) I was just talking to Mark last night about finding concealed weapons permits and I was like "I'm sure I can find it on Groupon" good to know! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. HAhaha I love little kid homework. I just did my concealed carry class this past Saturday!

  3. oh i hope the full house thing is true!


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