The BP Era.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You know what I'm talking about, the BP Era= Before Pinterest. Sometimes it is a hard concept for me to remember too. How did I find delicious recipes to whip up? Did people actually look in a cook book? My decorating ideas were a boring blend of any modern day decor I could score at Kohls or Hobby Lobby (Live, Laugh, Love bitches!). If it were not for pinterest I would have never discovered some of my favorite blogs. If it were not for pinterest my closet would be an embarrassment, actually I take that one back, my closet is still an embarrassment, but I have high hopes for it one day. If it were not for pinterest I wouldn't be living in this 4 story mansion I made out of 3 wooden pallets and a bottle of gold glitter... #DIY!
But seriously, I would also like a wedding do-over, don't get me wrong, I loved our wedding. That being said, we were in no place to afford a wedding planner (although we tried to win one with an amazing video of Taylor and I dancing in drag... wanna see it??), so all of my wedding decor and ideas were solely based off of magazines and other people's weddings (17 year olds are gasping in disgust at the very thought of this out of date tradition!!!).  If I could do it over, there are so many inexpensive details I would do.
And my theme would be completely different. I would still have a fall wedding, but the decor would be more shabby chic, less country like.

More this {{via}}
This was from our wedding, I loved the d├ęcor, I would just do it differently with the endless ideas on Pinterest.
My dress would have been different, and I would have worn a veil. I would have a whole pinterest board dedicated to my dress, and another one with my wedding day boot camp workouts (that would probably never be put to use!). Oh yes, I would have all the wedding boards! I was so laid back because I just didn't want to put the effort into it. But, with pinterest... Well.. I probably would have went full bridezilla. The ideas would have been right at my finger tips, along with the stress of molding my day into the exact vision of a perfect, pinterest wedding. But I would so do it. I think.
Yes Please! {{Via}}
Then again, eloping on the beach doesn't sound half bad either, you can find that shit on pinterest too.
Yeah, this looks good too! {{Via}}

Were you married in the BP Era? Would you do it all over too?

One thing I would most certainly keep the same in my wedding do-over is the cake. I mean it tasted good and it described me and my husband perfectly!


  1. oh pinterest is awesome and also ruining all the things. it makes me look at my house and be all sad that it doesnt look like pinterest, but who cares? i have a house.

  2. Haha I made myself deactivate pinterest the month before my wedding..I kept finding new things to do and it was too late to incorporate them!


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