I fell, and it hurt.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I have learned a few things this week, and it's only Tuesday night. Here are some of them.

--When a celebrity as fantastic as Robin Williams passes away, the world weeps. My favorite tweet I saw said "So many tweets, status updates, and instagrams of Robin Williams. And the man deserves every single damn one of them". I am a part of that percentage of people saddened by his death, and it really shows the world that suicide is a result that stems from illness.

--I have also learned, it makes a lot of people angry when there are so many mourning the death of a man they have never met, when there are wars and genocides going on. I get that, I don't think it means people are uneducated on the subject (well some are). I still pray for all the innocent victims involved.

--I have also learned this week that my treadmill is kind of small. And if I get going too fast and not pay attention, I fall right off the back of that jerk of a treadmill. Lesson learned though, wear the safety pull, and possibly record workouts, because I'm sure it looked damn funny. I also learned Epsom salt and a hot bath is your best friend the day after a spill on the ol' treadmill.
Looks about right, of course I wasn't going that fast though...

How I felt crawling out of bed this morning...

--Breastfeeding is a pretty big deal lately. I'm all for it, and I hope that I can nurse when I have children. I see more pictures of women breastfeeding on social media, far more than I EVER see out in public. I'm not sure I ever even noticed if a woman was nursing out in public before all this? I know they must of been there, I just never noticed. Is social media just drawing more of the "unwanted" and negative attention to breast feeding mama's? Do I not understand because I'm not a mom (for the record, no I don't think women should have to feed their babies in a bath room stall)? Maybe I'm just getting to that age where more of my friends are having babies so this topic is just more predominant? I don't know, I just can't decide if all the media on breastfeeding is a good thing or a bad thing.

--I learned tonight that when your husband sends you a delicious picture of jambalaya, I can put all those hours of watching the food network to use, and whip up my own! And ya know what? It tasted pretty dang good!! Take that husband!!

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  1. i am so sad about robin williams and i cant believe people are turning this into a bad thing. yes there are other things going on in the world, but this is so close to home for many of us. not only was he a huge part of our lives (via movies), i am sure everyone knows someone who has suffered from depression, if not themselves. it's terrible to make this about anything else, just let the world grieve.
    i have fallen off a treadmill before. not fun.


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