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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is my first time linking up with Kathy at Vodka and Soda for confessions. Does that count as my first confession??

Vodka and Soda
When I wrote the title of this post I sang the song "express yourself" by Madonna. (That is confession number 2...)
Put your love to the test... yep Madonna knows..
I confess that I woke up Sunday morning feeling rough. And then I noticed a gnarly (do people still say gnarly?) bruise on my side. I have no recollection of where it could have came from. I confess that I am a sleep walker though. One time, I was at a friend's house when they heard a loud crash. They found me at the bottom of the stairs. My friends freaked and asked if I was OK, I told them I had to use the restroom, but instead of using the restroom, I crawled back into bed and mumbled something about my back hurting (I never really woke up). When I woke up the next morning my back was covered in bruises and my friends told me what had happened. What?

I confess that I am a creep. My husband and I have been taking advantage of being home together in the evenings and taking Ms. Stella on walks. I love looking at all the different homes and being somewhat of a peeping tom. Everyone is nosey to some extent, AmIright?

I confess the gypsy sisters are back on TV and I have been so excited to watch those train wrecks. Conversation between the hubs and I:
Husband: why do they all look so Trashy.
Me: Because they are..
Husband: No, but even their bone structure looks trashy.
Me: ... um.. well.. gypsies babe...

How do you even answer that??

You don't. You just call it quits after that. Happy Wednesday.


  1. oh my god, that last gif. hilarious! i am not a sleep walker but i am a sleep talker and have many funny stories, but thankfully no bruises! you poor thing!

  2. Oh, the gypsy comments. Too funny!

    I am a crazy sleeper too sometimes, I will have full on conversations (eyes wide open) and never remember it. It's a very odd thing to wake up and have people telling you what all happened when you have no idea.

  3. I about died at the last gif, that is so hilarious!!!

    Love the madonna gif too!


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