TBT:: A 20th birthday tale.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello Thursday, let's do a little throwback story, shall we?

Remember those ridiculous college stories? Recently I have been catching up with an old, but dear, friend. It had been amazing reconnecting, while a little bit surreal, but I LOVE the nostalgia that comes with it. That's the great thing about friends, they help you fill in the holes you might have developed over the years. We were recently laughing about the unfortunate events that unfolded on my 20th birthday.
Gah, I used to LOVE me some white eye shadow?!

We decided to hit up a party on the same street known as "frat row", while this party was just a house party and not affiliated with any fraternities, it probably wasn't the smartest idea. It wasn't a huge party, raging out a of control, just a small group of college kids listening to music, playing beer pong, and chatting around an obnoxious strobe light on the balcony (it was a split house, the party was on the top half of the duplex).

Everything was going fine and dandy, we were having a great time. I was trying hard at beer pong, and loosing horribly. Of course, when it's your 20th birthday, loosing at beer pong isn't the worst thing to happen to you (I was thirsty after all...).  The party came to unfortunate buzz kill, when the police showed up. Of course when you're 20 years old and you weren't playing beer pong with water... you hide. In the attic. Covered in INSTALLATION! When we emerged from the attic some 45 minutes later, we were filthy and itchy as haaaaaaail! When showers are NEEDED, it's a pretty good sign to call a cab, and surrender to the night. And that is exactly what we did.

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  1. oh my gosh! that is hilarious that the police showed up and you had to hide in the attic! ew lol.


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