Another one bites the dust

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some times being a military spouse is amazing, and some times.. it's not. This is only mine and Taylor's second station together, the first being spent in NC for 5 years. I think when you marry a military man, you marry the military too. You know what you're getting yourself into. I knew we would move around frequently, I knew I was sharing my husband with his job, I knew I didn't want just "military friends". I knew I would make friends that were military spouses too though. I didn't know I would love some of them as much as I do. I underestimated the truth behind them becoming more like family. I do understand that opposites attract when you have a common interest. Sometimes the only thing you have in common is the Coast Guard, sometimes it's the fact that you both love Disney movies, yet don't have any kids.

With Taylor returning from deployment, that means we would be moving during non moving season. So of course we over lapped and were lucky enough to meet a really awesome couple who unfortunately got orders and are headed out in the morning. It sucks but, there are positives... like when one of your buddies move, they empty their fridge out into yours and vice versa when you move. Another positive is the fact that they get to go somewhere new and exciting (hopefully) and you have yet another awesome spot in the US to vacay!

So thank you for all the condiments, dear Bennets, and best of luck in St. Pete!


  1. Love that first gif... too funny!! My hubby grew up in a military family and has lived pretty much everywhere - he has so many cool stories!!

  2. There are so many things that we can consider positive and negative being on military family. Sometimes we can call it extreme experiences even but it is always worth it.

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