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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Hello! Hope your weekend was smashing (I just spoke to my friend in England, they say smashing...)!! Mine was bittersweet, but lets focus on the sweet, shall we? My weekend started off with the Coast Guard banquet. It was nice to meet some of the husbands co-workers and their spouses, as well as watch one of our newest friends receive an award. It was a little more formal than the open bar Christmas parties I have attended in the past, but nonetheless, very nice. My only complaint was being eaten alive by mosquitoes, while sitting INSIDE. It never fails, they love me, anyone else have this problem?

I wish my husband  could wear his dress blues all the time because they're just so darn attractive! I may or may not have said some very inappropriate things to him, at very inappropriate times, but that's neither here nor there...

Saturday was pretty exciting because husband and I never have Saturdays off together, which really puts a damper on trying to explore our new city. We (okay, maybe just me) slept in and then we decided to start our date day/night with Stella in tow. We headed over to the local leash-free dog park. This dog park is so cool, it is not like other dog parks we have been to in the past. Instead a large fenced in sand pit, it is a HUGE piece of land with trails surrounding a lake. There are dogs everywhere roaming through hills and splashing in the lake (pond? maybe it's more of a pond?).  I was so impressed with how well Stella did. She has always been great with other dogs, but I was really impressed how she stuck with us as we walked the trails, instead of wandering off.

That night we had planned on going to a red birds game, but as we were leaving the dog park a dark cloud moved in, and rain continued into Sunday morning. Instead, we decided to check out a local Italian restaurant. It has been around for 65+ years. It was fantastic food, and it was bring your own wine, which turned out to almost be our emergency back up date. When we pulled up to the restaurant the rain was pouring down so hard we decided to wait it out in the car (the parking lot was full so we had to park waaaaay back behind the front door), we were seconds away from opening that bottle of wine when the rain finally let up long enough for us to run inside. Taylor ordered lasagna, I ordered a ribeye, both were fantastic.

Me: Babe, why do you look so creepy?
Him: because it is so stupid to take a picture with a bottle of wine.

After dinner we were going to hit up a movie, but decided the weather was crappy enough just perfect to go home and cuddle and watch Netflix, which is where we spent the rest of our weekend! We are addicted to the walking dead!

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  1. haha 'stupid to take a photo with a bottle of wine' absolutely not! ugh that sucks about the mosquitoes, they used to love me but i don't get bitten as much anymore!


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