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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 I feel like I have been so busy these last two weeks, so when I do have a moment a free time all I want to do is relax on the couch, while watching the food network. It has seriously become an obsession, I just lay there and drool and wishfully hope if I close my eyes and open them, the food they're cooking will magically appear on my table. No luck with that yet though.

So last weekend I headed back home to Indiana for a wedding. It was a short trip, but a good one. I arrived in town late Thursday night, drank a beer with my dad (he had a bag of pork rinds and a cold one waiting for me!), and went to bed. Friday morning I was awakened bright and early my by my nephew Noah. That afternoon I headed over to my old salon and visited with my favorite stylist while getting my hair done for a much better price then I would here in Memphis (and I KNEW she would do a good job!). The fair was in town this weekend so that night we headed down there to people watch and eat junk food for dinner.
When the fair AND aunt Heather are in town, we eat ice cream for dinner.

Later that night my best friend called and told me she had a sitter so we decided to hit up some of the hole in the wall bars with her sister. I'm convinced if Breanna and I lived closer I would be super skinny from all the calories I would burn from laughing!

Breanna's husband is a gem!

Saturday was the wedding, since the husband was visiting with his family in St. Louis, I took Breanna as my date (duh, who else?), it was a really nice wedding and reception, but after dinner Breanna and I decided the coffee we chugged before the wedding was kicking in (remember we had a late night the night before) and decided to go out again for drinks and to catch up. We chose the bar I used to work at when I lived in town. I'm so glad we did, because as Breanna was heading to the little ladies room, she ran into an old friend of mine.  I hadn't spoke to this friend in over 2 years and it was really good catching up (and yes there were tears and an over dramatic reunion in the middle of the bar).  As always Breanna and I ended our night with a sleepover session that kept us far too late giggling like middle schoolers! It's my favorite part about visiting with her when I go home!
Sunday my mom and brother in law cooked some delicious fajitas for a family get together. After dinner my mom and rode up to my friend Christena's to check out her brand new home. It is such a nice home and I am so happy for her and her family because they have worked SO hard for it. Monday I headed back to Memphis a little early to try and avoid the bad weather. It was a short, but sweet visit, but I was really happy to be back in my own bed snuggling with my Stella.
Looking rough after going out TWO nights in a row. But my Godson is super cute!

 If you made it through this whole post, go have ice cream for dinner!


  1. well, all i can say is .. i'm having ice cream for dinner ;)
    wow I could not do 2 nights in a row! you go girl!

  2. Haha!! 2 nights in a row was rough, but definitely worth it! Now excuse me while I go pack up my life so I can come move in with you!! I miss you!!! 😫


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