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Thursday, July 24, 2014

As soon as I returned home from Indiana I found out some very good friends of mine are working in Nashville for a couple of months (they're traveling nurses), and they were coming to Memphis for a free concert and wanted to know if I wanted  to go. Free Concert? Duh! The concert was sponsored by Budweiser so we knew a cab was needed. On our way down there we used the Uber App off of our phones. Have you tried this app? It's quicker and cheaper than a cab, and all money transactions are electronic through smart phones.

Moon Taxi was the main band playing that night, they're a local band of Nashville that my girlfriends really like. I was really kind of blown away when we walked in and thought for sure my girls had lied to me about it being free. We were given beer tickets and there was free food. The girls assured me it was totally free, all you needed to do was RSVP! Budweiser is holding these summer festivals all over so I highly suggest looking in your area! The only thing that was kind of a bummer was that the only beer served is Budweiser, as in heavy bud, no other Budweiser products. So if you can't handle Budweiser, I suggest bringing a flask!
Moon Taxi put on a 3D show!

 It only took me two days to gain hearing in my ears back. And as far as recovering? I'll let you know, there was a lotttt of drinking that week for this old lady!

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