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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In April I read that one of my favorite bloggers Jenni was having a “blog every day in may challenge” and she was even nice enough to include blogging topics for every day. Since I have a hard time on deciding what awesome things I should blog about, I was thrilled to jump on this challenge. As you can tell I am starting a little late. Today’s topic was to give some piece of advice. My first piece of advice is to not start a "blog everyday challenge" when you are visiting your parents who have not come to terms with today’s technology. That’s right, my parents do not have internet. I remember having dial up in high school, but once my sister and I moved out they didn’t see the use in paying for something they didn’t ever use. They are getting there though, I think. My 80 year old father recently took a computer class at the library, and my 66 year old mother has been working on texting.
Bless her heart!
My next piece of advice is to not always assume your husband is the guilty culprit in a practical joke. Don’t get me wrong; my husband usually is the one to blame, but the particular incident I’m talking about happened this past Monday. It just happened to my first day back from Indiana, and it was also my birthday. I was going through my mail from when I was gone and while I tossed the boring envelopes (bills) to the side, and read some really sweet birthday cards I couldn’t help but notice a small little box that had been shoved in my tiny mail box. I didn’t recognize the return address that was some business in Ohio. I tore the box open trying to hold back the excitement of what someone could have sent me for my birthday. The box inside the package was plain so I tore back the flaps and this is what I found…
Hello there adult diapers!
I know I’m getting old but I do not think I am quite ready for adult diapers… Since it was a sample of depends, I assumed it was my husband because he is king at signing up for free samples. Later that day my friend called to find out where we were going for dinner and then asked if I felt any older. I told her I didn’t but my husband must of thought I was getting really old because he sent me sample a of adult diapers. My friend immediately started laughing, hysterically. Turns out she had signed me up for them over a month ago and the fact that I didn’t receive them until my birthday couldn’t have been planned any more perfect. I think it is hilarious. I also hope she knows I am plotting revenge, and that she leaves me unattended her home on several occasions… ;-).  


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