A lesson from Life.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's go ahead and assume the "blog every day in may" challenge, has turned into blog "whenever one of the prompted topics sparks my interest" challenge. So today's topic is "things you have learned that school didn't teach you".

 I have learned that you can not plan your life out. Things just don't work that way sometimes. If I were to ask high school Heather where she thought she would be in 10 years, that answer would have been far off from where I actually am. I thought for sure I would be done with school and teaching in a special education classroom somewhere. I thought I would be living in a home that I purchased with my husband and we would be well on our way to filling it with children. But life has taught me there are sometimes hiccups (good ones) that change these plans. Teaching wasn't for me. The husband (who I thank God for every day), came later. My career and that incredible house? It's coming; and those babies, well trust me they are still in the plans. But life is not one big plan, it is an unexpected, sometimes pleasant sometimes not, ride. We can't plan every detail out, but we can certainly hold on and enjoy what comes our way. I have also learned when you drink too much wine, you start writing blog post like a cheesy asshole. I wonder why my English teacher didn't teach me that in school?

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