Today sucked.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It is the 9th day of “blog every day in May”, but for me it is the second day. I like being different. Today’s post prompt is a "moment" from your day. Y'all, it was a tough decision to pick just one. At first I was going to show you a picture of me hanging outside on the balcony on this beautiful day, but I couldn’t do that because some asshole of a wasp decided to build his home out there. Then I thought I would show you a picture of me on the phone for hours attempting to be an adult and take care of business. However the frustrations I endured with amount of morons I encountered during these hours caused quite the distraction, and I forgot to take a picture. After that, I had to go to work, and considering the fact that I did not want to be there, I couldn’t imagine you wanting to see a picture of me in my non-happy place. So without further ado…

There you have it, the view I have my from my comfy couch. The beginnings of a night full of pretending to do homework, while really watching glee in the background. Don’t judge me, I’m multi-tasking.


  1. I hate forgetting to take pics of awesome stuff I'm doing to blog about later!! #firstworldproblems I know, but they are real problems. lol

  2. "asshole wasp.."

    oh shit, we're going to be friends.


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