Dear Husband, I miss you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It is the 12th day in the challenge and the topic today is something you miss. This was a no brainer, the thing I miss the most? My Husband.

Pictures taken by Kimberly Royal.
It has been 5 months and 2 days since I last saw him. I miss seeing his handsome face. I miss hearing him sing his obnoxious and humorous songs to me in the morning. I miss the moments when he would be doing something productive and I would feel guilty for being lazy, so I would interrupt his productivity with hugs and kisses. I miss arguing over the remote control and who gets to watch what (ok maybe I kinda like watching whatever I want, when I want... but just a little).
My husband always has these off the wall ideas. He always has over the top dreams and goals and it absolutely warms my heart to hear how excited he gets when discussing them.  I miss snuggling him and having him here to support me. Thank goodness I get to see him less than two months.
Stank Eye. Double fisting. Standard.


  1. Hello from the link up :)

    Lovely post! :)

  2. Well, I'm guessing from the pics that he's in the military, so a big thank you for all that both of you do. And hopefully you will appreciate him lots extra once you're back together since you know what it's like to be apart! :)

    1. Thank you Christina! He is in the military and currently serving a one year deployment. We joke that we have the perfect marriage because due to his job we don't have time to get sick of each other :). I am blessed to have him and can't wait to see him again!



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