Sweet Home Indiana

Sunday, April 28, 2013

No that is not the correct lyrics to the song you're thinking of, but it fits, and if you ask any hoosier they have replace the word "Alabama" with "Indiana" at least once in their life. Anyways... I'm am SO excited to flying out this week to head back to the place where I am from. Wanna know what I am looking forward to doing this week? I thought so..

I'm spending the first part of my trip visiting with my in-laws. They're a pretty cool bunch and things are bound to get a little rowdy.

The second part of my trip will involve me taking full advantage of my mother spoiling with all of my favorite food request(s) (my mom is a pretty amazing lady!). I'll also probably spend some time looking at antiques with my dad while sippin' on a few beers (I like to let him know what things I will be taking from him when I move closer to home...). 75% of the time at my parents house will involve sitting around the kitchen island telling my sweet sisters how much cooler I am than them. At some point my brother and oldest nephew (I can't believe he is 21!!!) will come over and undoubtedly spend most of the time picking on me. I don't care how old I get, this father/son duo will be flicking my forehead or pulling my hair until the day I die.
I used to love the picknic app

And because I can't go home without seeing some of the best frands a girl could ask for, I'll be enjoying some quality time with my loves as well.
((SIDE NOTE*** I meant to post this before I left, I have been enjoying wine and cuddles for a few days now!))

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  1. I'm at the top of the list next trip! I'm gonna be selfish and kidnap you for the day!


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