Dear Diary...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Err... I mean blog. Well right now you're more like a diary because, no one has seen anything I have written to you, YET! (minus whomever it is that has stumbled across this blog on accident.. my apologies to you..) I have decided I need to make sure I'm gonna stick with this before I tell anyone. That being said, once I have written a consistent amount of post, I will share this little gem of a diary (whoops, blog!) that I've created... Now that I'm talking to virtually no one about writing to no one in particular.. I'll move on..

Handsome husband hard at work..
That good lookin man is one of the main reasons I started this blog. Next week he is deploying for a whole year. ( Yes you did read that right : 1 YEAR). While, we have been apart before, this will be the longest, as well as his first time overseas. He is a member of the US Coast Guard. While I couldn't be more proud of him I'm going to miss him like crrrrrraaaaaazzzzyyy! This blog is just another way to communicate with him, as well as keep myself busy.
A few nights ago Taylor and I went out to eat with one of our favorite couples here in NC. I was talking with my friend Kimberly and she suggested I write a blog post for ever day that Taylor is gone. 365 blog post. Little did she know, I had already started this little gem of a project. Obviously this statement was sarcasm because I'm not that committed to anything. Not even wine. or cheese. And boyyy do I love cheese.. and wine.. it's a problem..
There you have it... this is my goal/ reason behind blogging. Now if you'll excuse me diary (damn, I mean blog), I'm going to go get in on this snuggle session!!!


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