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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

While Taylor boarded a 14 hour flight to Bahrain, I headed over to my friends' house for a dance party. I can't lie, I think I was more nervous for husband to fly that far than he was. I figured the best way to calm my nerves was to have a girls night in with some of my favorite ladies.
How adorable are they?
I would take sitting outside on the porch all night long, playing Skip-bo, drinking a couple of beers, and laughing with these ladies over going out to the bars any day of the week. Last night we expanded our extra curricular activities a bit. That included eating mexican pizza, a dance party, and naming all the members of NSYNC, BSB, AND 98degrees (not very successfully I might add).
And someone thought chugging a glass of wine through a straw was a good idea.
We keep it classy folks.
After last night I learned that I am the WORST dancer in the world, it was painful to watch myself, I can't imagine how my friends felt. I also learned Taylor made it safe and sound to Bahrain (Thank you Jesus!) and was getting settled in. He went out to dinner and you know what he had for his meal in the Persian Gulf? PIZZA! Only my husband would do that, he could live off pizza, I swear. The time difference is gonna be pretty crazy but I'm sure we will manage. Goodnight for now, or good morning depending on where you're at...

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