Thursday, November 29, 2012

I mentioned I'm not that great at this right? This time I'm not referring to my lack of post, well not really. I had previously written a story of where the name HEATHER RIGHT came from. While I was on vacation I downloaded the blogger app to my Iphone, and while playing with that fancy thing, I accidentally deleted the post about HEATHER RIGHT. So this is my second attempt...

Let me start by saying I have always been quite the genius (ahem). Take for instance the time my sister and I were having a hula hoop contest in our front yard. It was getting late in the evening and in the middle of this intense battle of hula hoops (YAH RIGHT I can't hula hoop..) My sister takes off running for shelter. Before I could figure out what she was doing, it hit me on the head like handful of rocks. GOOSE POOP. A flock of geese were flying over and my sister gave no warning to her baby sister. RUDE.
(That's my sister on the right. The devil just shines through right?)
(I'm clearly trying to figure out how to get a sweet cast for my arm too!)
Anyways after I realized what happened, I panicked. My mother was going to be PISSED. I snuck inside and did what every bright child would do. Grabbed a comb and decided to get rid of it myself. Do you see the problem with this grand idea? I didn't either. It smeared all over my head, was now on the bathroom sink, and in my mother's comb. Needless to say, my mother DID find out. I blame my sister for getting in trouble that day. I blame the goose poop for my endless bad hair days.
Now that you have a little background on how incredibly gifted I was as a small child, I have one more story. When I was little and learning to talk, my parents wanted to teach me my name. The conversations went something like this.
Parents: whats your name?
Me: Heather. (NAILED IT!)
Parents: Riiight!! (followed by applause and maybe a cookie)
Pretty standard parent/ child conversation? Well being the little special angel I was (AM),I did not realize I was being praised for answering the question right, I simply thought they were giving me the next clue in this "name game". So eventually when people would ask me what my name was I would answer : HEATHERRIGHT!! True story. Life lessons are rough, and this just happens to be a lesson my family has never let me live down.

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