It's not gonna take itself out

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm referring to the trash. Did you know the trash doesn't take itself out? The dishes don't put themselves away, and the laundry doesn't fold itself (just to name a few...)? Life without the husband is going to be rougher than I thought. So, after working all day these are some things I decided I was going to have to tackle when I got home. While folding the laundry, I discovered my beloved husbands' favorite pair of jeans. A good wife would head to the post office tomorrow and mail them to him to wear on his days off. Well, I never claimed to be a good wife, therefor instead of mailing them to him I'm going to burn them, take several pictures of this event and send that to him! I know what you're thinking: "Wow Heather you're a real biatch!". Thank you. Before you judge me I want share with you a picture of the husband in these jeans.
((There he is, second from the right...))
I joke, I joke. That's Zack Morris from saved by the bell. Remember that show from the 90's? Good. Because right after the taping of this episode Zack gave those jeans to my dear husband, and he's been wearing them ever since. Now, don't you agree, those jeans should be burned and than I should bury the ashes? I thought so.
After the laundry was done I went to put it away its respectful place. The suitcase I've been living out of for the last two weeks.
That's right husband. You left and there was no one here to tell me it was time to unpack. So I didn't! Boy, do I love being an adult sometimes. But it is getting a tad obnoxious so I will put this on my to-do list for tomorrow. As for now I gotta go.. FIRES READY! ;-)

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  1. I will be expecting those jeans firmly pressed and dry cleaned when I come home!!!:D


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