Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The main reason for our recent trip to Texas was to visit with family. Taylor and I decided we wanted to explore a little bit though. So we planned to head down to San Antonio for 2 nights. The first day was spent at Sea World with our nephew, and my sister and brother in law. Sea World is seriously my happy place, If I could swim, you can bet I would be in school for marine biology so I could get a job swimming with dolphins and other sea creatures. Or maybe I would get a job studying ocean life (the whole time secretly searching for mermaids), because even though the ocean terrifies me, it is also very intriguing and exciting as well.
It's true.

Anyways, since I didn't want to miss a thing, I couldn't be bothered with taking pictures! Therefore there are none. The next day we headed down to the River Walk. It is so much fun walking along the river eating, drinking, and shopping along the way. We met my sister and her family for lunch for Mexican and then they headed back to my Papa's house. A good friend of mine is a traveling nurse, and just happened to be working in Texas.

That evening we met up with Weeks and her girlfriend and headed over to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner (weeks and I are a weeeeee bit carnivorous) and then drank our way down the River Walk. We had so much fun, until the next morning (remember my last post.. hangovers are bigger in Texas). Nothing cures a hangover quite like grease, so we met up with the girls for lunch before we headed back to my Papa's house. We went to Texas' oldest saloon, called the BuckHorn. There are animal antlers everywhere, when the saloon first open way back when, you could trade your horns for a drink (and still can to this day).

After we said our goodbyes to the girls we were on our way, but since we were heading right through Austin TX, I had to stop at Gordoughs. Its on this street that is lined with all sorts of food trucks (something we would have loved to explore and little more if we weren't so fragile). Gordoughs is a gourmet donut shop and is a must do if ever traveling through Austin. My favorite was the Fat Elvis. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.... Mmmm. Seriously though, go there, perhaps you should leave tonight? and pick me up one too while you're at it. K? Thanks! Byeeeee.

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  1. I am glad you didnt fall into the river on the river walk. And every first friday of the month here in Indy there is a food truck festival. I love the food trucks. I have found some really good ones.


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