100th post and some randomness.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This is my 100th post!! Which is kind of sad if you look at when I actually started this blog, but HEY this is my corner of the internet and I can show up whenever I damn well please! 100 post later and I'm still trying to figure this stuff out. Thanks to Kristen at {{ See you in a Porridge}}, I now know how to post "Gifs"!!

Tomorrow is my first CG banquet at this boat, our last boat never had banquets. They had Christmas parties with an open bar, so needless to say, this banquet has some big shoes to fill.

I did go shopping Tuesday, with my friend Karen, for a dress that didn't look exactly like my husbands uniform. I found an outfit I really liked, so when I got home I tried it on to show my husband. The first thing he said was "do those colors go together" Like did Karen tell you that you matched?". Thank husband, I didn't have a complex until with this outfit until you opened your trap!
My thoughts exactly.

For some reason, whenever I think it's a good idea to invite our friends Karen and Tyler over for dinner, something always goes wrong. I had thrown something in the crockpot and when I went to check it an hour before our guest arrived, I quickly realized it was no where near being done. Thankfully our friends are super laid back and had no problem with a change in plans. Mexican and Margaritas make everyone a happy camper.

I just saw a commercial for a Frenchs mustard commercial and I am seriously bothered by the amount of mustard covering that grown woman's face. That's not real life and this is not a milk mustache commercial, wipe yo face lady!

I made a peanut butter cup cake and I need it out of my house before I eat it all.

But seriously, someone come help me, I'm off to eat another piece. I just. can't. stop.


  1. Oh my goodness! That cake looks amazing! Send me piece asap :)

  2. aw you're welcome girly ;) happy 100! i love that martini gif lol ahh i hate when my husband says something about my outfit i get all paranoid, not that boys know anything about fashion haha i'm sure you look great!


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