Have you Ever?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

+Have you ever seen a cat in water? It is very similar to me in a large body of water. Basically, it isn't pretty. Some people are just not destined to be swimmers, and I am one of them. I could possibly dog paddle myself to safety if needed, but that's not a high possibility if there is a strong current; or if the waves in a wave pool become too strong. I may or may not have been rescued out of a wave pool. Twice. I stay out of them now.
Safety first.

+Have you ever seen karma work her magic and just sit back and smile? ((Or text all your girlfriends and discuss it))!!

+Have you ever seen me as a brunette? Now you have.

+Have you ever been to Britts donuts at Carolina Beach, NC? I have and miss it terribly.

+Have you ever grilled mahi-mahi on pineapple bark? You should try it! Recipe {{here}}.

+Have you ever ordered an {{Erin Condren planner}}? Was it worth it?

+Have you ever made a chocolate cake that called for a cup of coffee, but you read coffee grounds instead and the cake turned out absolutely horrible? Me either...

+Have you ever wished you could visit your BFFL at her job?
Oh, Hey Girl!

+Have you ever had a glass of wine calling your name? Excellent, you understand why I have to go then. See Ya!


  1. Swimming isnt so bad. And you look great as a brunette. I've always wondered what I'd look like brown headed. Sadly I wasn't born that way LOL :( LOL

  2. omg laughing so hard that you had to be rescued from a wave pool. i am getting less ok with large bodies of water as i get older. not sure why.


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