Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mondays are not so bad when it is the only day you have to work the entire week. So bring it on, Monday! How was every ones weekends? Fabulous I hope! We started our weekend off by hitting up our last restaurant on the tour of restaurant week. Memphis has one week where the more expensive place have a discounted menu. Since we haven't really ate at a lot of places downtown yet, this was a great way to check some places out at a discounted price. The first place we went to was Automatic Slims. The food was good, but we agreed we would probably just go back for an appetizer and their 3 dollar martinis on Monday night.

Lobster Tator Tots!!

The second restaurant we tried was Bleu. The reviews were not very good on this place, but it was one of the only places with a reservation open. I am glad we had a discounted menu, because the food was just mediocre, and the service was pretty bad (which was the biggest complaint I had read). I am not sure it was entirely our severs fault she gave bad service. She seemed relatively new and I counted at one point she had 7 tables, one of them being a large party. We had ordered a bottle of wine, and when my glass was empty my husband went to pour me another, when our sever came over and took the bottle of our hands, claiming her boss would kill her if he saw a guest pouring their own wine. At this point, I think the manager needs to worry about other things, like staffing properly.

The last place we ate was by far our favorite, it was at Capriccio Grill in the Peabody hotel. The food was really good and the service was what you would expect for such a fancy pants place! It is definitely on our list of place to go back to!

On Saturday, the husband had duty, so it was just me and a bottle of wine! I rented the fault in our stars and tried my hand at some Christmas chalkboards. On Sunday there was a lot of lounging and laundry. I went grocery shopping for all the things I would need for the dishes I'm making at the three (yes three!!) different Thanksgivings we will attend.
Not too shabby for my first one. 
Still have to add the words, but for free hand, I was impressed with myself!

Cuddles and creepy mustaches. Is No Shave November over yet??

Tell me all the exciting things you did this weekend, will ya?

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  1. How fun to get to try out all those restaurants! Those lobster tater tots sound pretty amazing. I am so impressed with your chalkboards- they are adorable!

  2. That beef chimichurri sounds so good! Trying all of those restaurants sounds like so much fun!X

  3. wow, that's by free hand?! looks amazing! and lucky you only working today! jealous!

  4. I love your signs! I wish I was that artsy! Chalkboard signs are so NEAT!

    Also: we have a restaurants week by us too - it's so nice to be able to try fancier places and not break the bank!

  5. I'm drooling over all the food - yum!!! I can't believe you free-handed that sign - it looks amazing!!

  6. Wow, lobster tator tots sound amazing, and your chalkboard sign is so great! :)

  7. The lobster tots sound delish but the rest of the meals looked great too. Makes me crave steak and salmon -just wish I could eat it all at once~

  8. Your chalkboard art came out so cool!!!! LOVE the saying you picked, too! hahaha

  9. That food looks delish! Hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Restaurant week sounds like so much and you guys looked great! There's a lot of good looking food in this post! It's too bad you didn't have great service at that place. Bad service can really ruin a place for me and put it on my "Never Eating There Again" list!

    I love your Christmas chalkboard! I might have to steal that idea, although I don't think mine will look anything like yours! I was impressed that I managed to draw a pumpkin on our white board for Halloween haha You did an amazing job!

    1. I meant to say "sounds like so much fun!" haha

  11. ohh looks like you had fun. and for the server too bad you didn't get great service, but 7 tables and one of them being a large table can be a hassle- esp if the large table kept on asking for things. alas the food looks delicious!!


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