Our Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My husband is my best friend, and I couldn't be prouder of his career in the military. He is very successful, driven, smart, kind and selfless. He is always putting every else's needs before his own and would do anything for anyone (which is no surprise as to why he joined the military!).I literally could go on and on about how amazing this guy of mine is, but instead I will just show you a picture of how cute he is!

On Veteran's day my husband and some of his co-workers volunteered to help with a flag ceremony at the Memphis Grizzlies/ Lakers game. Unfortunately they couldn't get enough participants (apparently a lot of people don't like wearing their fancy uniforms). We were still gifted tickets to the game though and had a really good time. We ate copious amounts of cheese fries and peanuts (which my husband claims it acceptable to throw on the ground like we were at Texas Roadhouse). We also bought a few of those extremely over priced beers. Few things give me goose bumps, but hearing someone sing the national anthem live, gets me every time. We watched a large group of Air Force recruits take their official oath as well. So cool. The Grizzlies won which is awesome. Any live sporting event is fun, but basketball isn't really my jam. However, scouring the sidelines for Justin Timberlake is!

P.S. There was no success in finding the man who single handily brought sexy back. Womp, Womp!


  1. Happy belated Veteran's day to your husband! Please tell him I thank him for his service! And I thank YOU TOO, for being the support for him! xoxo

  2. Happy (belated) Veteran's day to you guys!!!! Thank you both for all that you do!!


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