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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No this isn't a pregnancy announcement, I am just that crazy dog lady (the one who refers to her pets as her 'babies'). Blog meet Gatsby, Gatsby meet blog.

Is he not the cutest? I just love him. Wanna know how we ended up with this stud? I thought so, so I will tell ya! A few weeks ago, Taylor and I were near the Humane Society(HS) and decided to take a peak around. We weren't there for 20 minutes before I told Taylor we needed to leave before I burst into embarrassing, sobbing tears. I wanted to bring them all home. My husband happily obliged, mostly out of fear if we stayed longer I would bring them all home. On our way out of the dog kennels we passed through the lobby. It was there we were first greeted by our adorable Gatsby (formally known as Lancelot at the HS). He was hopping right along, stopping to get love from anyone willing to give it. I happily scratched behind his ears, and noticed the staples in  his shoulder. The HS worker told us he had been hit by a car and brought in by a good Samaritan. His front left leg didn't make it, but this little guy was certainly a survivor.
excuse his.. happiness.. but the smile is precious!

About a week later, I started thinking about that little guy and I text my husband and told him we should go get him. I joked that we could call him Gatsby and yell "Come here ol' sport!". My husband politely told me I was crazy and that would be a big NO! Wellllllllll, I do not hear that word very often, so I resorted to plan B. I found Gatsby's pictures off the HS website and started sending them to my husband. I also repeatedly asked EVERYDAY if we could go see him. Two weeks later, he agreed but told me we still weren't getting him.

After playing with him for about 30 minutes he agreed to have a meet and greet with Stella, but assured me we were NOT getting him. Two days later we were an hour away from our meet and greet when Taylor told me he didn't think it was a good idea. Not to sound like a brat, but I bawled like a baby. Big, ugly, uncontrollable tears. Ten minutes later we were in the car and I wasn't sure if we were actually going to the HS or to a hospital to have me committed. After seeing how great Stella got along with him, Taylor couldn't say no. Two days later, we went back to pick Gatsby up and take him to his FUR-ever home.


  1. This story is familiar. I almost started crying when we got one cat and I realized we should get another, and my husband was totally against it. Long story short, we got another cat :). Gatsby is adorable!!

  2. what a great story!!! hes so cute!! glad he gets along well with your other dog :) so glad you adopted/rescued him!!

  3. Oh he is soooo cute! I'm sure your husband will be thanking you in no time for getting him ;) Hope he's doing better today than last night!


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