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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh helloooooo there Friday! I have been looking forward to you! I typically work on the weekends, but not this time, nope! I'm pretty excited to spend all weekend with my stud muffin of a husband. Saturday we are going to an Old Crow Medicine Show concert and I am SO pumped! It has been about 3 years since we last saw them and this is going  to be in a completely different venue then last time. I can't wait.

So here are some things that are my favorite lately!

Favorite Song:
I heard this song on the radio the other day and really liked it, not knowing what it was. Then I saw everyone in social media land posting T-Swifts new video and decided to look at it. I was pretty shocked to discover how much I love a T-swift song (another one, shake it off was good too).

Favorite Product:
This is hands down the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. My hair is the longest it has been in 4 years. When my hair was short I had to wash and style it everyday. Now that it is longer I am trying to re-train it so I don't have to wash it every day. This dry shampoo works wonders, WONDERS I tell ya!
Favorite recipes:
I tried a new recipe this week and revisited an old one. My sister in law sent me this cheeseburger soup recipe and it was really good. I don't suggest adding the ketchup and mustard though.

And I made baked Spinach chips this week too. They are sooooo good. But they don't last long, so make several batches! {{recipe here}}

not super pretty when they're done, but delicious! SEEYA LATER kale chips..

Favorite Funnies:

So a couple weeks ago, one of my co-workers got a promotion and was being transferred to a store in Nashville. A group of us met up for some drinks to send him off in a proper manner. After we left the bar a few of us were heading back to my house, but we decided some snacks were in order before we got there. We stopped at the Kroger by my house for some chips and pizza rolls (I really wanted pizza rolls!!!!). So ya know at night most grocery stores close one of the entrances to the store? Well the first set of doors we approached were closed. I told my friend Kris we needed to go to the other side, and he promptly informed me "no worries, I used to work here" and then he pried the automatic doors open. We made our way to the chip aisle and debated for a good 5 minutes on what we wanted before filling our arms with several choices. We were just about to make our way to the pizza rolls when we were greeted by an employee of Kroger.
Me: (with my arms full of baked lays and hot fries) Hi there, how are you tonight?
Kroger employee: Ummm you know we closed 2 hours ago?
Me: oo ya did? oops! We were just leaving, thank you.
We quickly threw all of our chips back on the shelf and high tailed it out of there. We got into our DDs car, and told her she needed to go to walmart because they were closed.
DD: So did y'all just break into Kroger?
Us: ummm I guess we did!
The next morning we discussed how lucky we were they didn't call the cops! I can not believe we broke into a grocery store. Adult life fail. #OOPS

A friend sent this to me this week, and I immediately sent it to my sister in law who accidentally hit a pedestrian this week. For the record, I have hit 3 (yes THREE), soooo it is safe to say we don't have a great track record in this family..

It's funny because it's true!

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

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  1. Hahahaha that is the best.. I hope you still got some snacks!!!

  2. I tried to make spinach chips once and they just didn't come out as good...maybe it's time to give it a second chance!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That soup looks so good. I've never tried dried shampoo and I've been wanting too for a long time. I'm going to have to try it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love that T-Swift video!! And the song is amazing! That cheeseburger soup sounds delicious. Definitely going to have to try that!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I love Blank Space! The video is sooo funny!

  6. I swear by that dry shampoo! I'm seriously down to washing my hair about once a week, it's THAT good! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  7. Ha, that last meme is TO FUNNY! (I did that on purpose, I assure you). And I've heard good things about that dry shampoo…I might have to try it next time I run out. Also, I'm so behind on listening to T-Swift's new album…I've been Christmas music exclusive since it came out. I will have to catch up in January ;-)

  8. ohhhh my word!!! that is awesome! So glad you did not end up in jail ;) hehe

    thanks for linking up!!! :)

    Happy Tuesday!


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