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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ever since the husband and I moved to Memphis, we have been dying to get to Nashville and check it out. It just so happens that two good friends of mine are traveling nurses and are currently working in Nashville. Since Taylor and I are going to be super busy the next couple of months, we hopped in the car Friday and off we went to visit our friends in Nashville.

Stella ridin dirty in the back seat.

We arrived around 8:00 pm at the apartment my friends are staying at. I decided to be a good friend and walk their dog, since the girls had been at work since 7 that morning. This was a horrible idea because that little shit got loose and took of running. Do you know how stressful it is to chase a dog when you are out of shape and your anxiety is at an all time high because, hello, you just lost someone else's dog. Thankfully he hid underneath a bush where I could corner him, and all was well again. Once the girls arrived home we headed out for the night. We started at printers alley for a late dinner at this little English pub. The food was really good, and of course the drinks weren't too bad either!

After that we made our way towards Broadway, which is where all the tourist go. I hadn't researched a lot about Nashville before we left, I just kind of relied on my two girlfriends to show us around. They were great tour guides, showing us all the famous spots before we settled in to one bar for live music. I'm not sure the name of the final bar we stopped at. If you have ever been to Nashville, you know the bars kind of all run together after a while.

On Saturday we were all a little slow to moving around. After much needed coffee and showers, we went to check out the Loveless cafe for brunch. There was about a 45 minute wait (I'm told there is always a wait), but they have cute little shops all around to check out while you wait. The loveless cafe is known for it's homemade biscuits, they make up to seven thousand a day!! The Bloody Marys came with cute little mason jar souvenirs! I highly suggest this place, and if you like fried green tomatoes, theirs might have been my all time favorite.

He is so cool, he wears 2 pairs of sunglasses...
 After brunch we headed over to the "Live on the green" for the Ingrid Michealson concert. I absolutely love Ingrid's music, and the fact that it was a free concert, well, it pretty much made my day (the rude crowds, not so much)! Since I had to work Sunday morning, we grabbed a quick bite to eat with the girls and then said our goodbyes. Nashville was so much fun, and I can't wait to go back and explore more soon!

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  1. looks like you squeezed so much in a short time! i would have been so scared about the dog, thank goodness he didnt go far! that food looks amazing + free concerts are a great idea in theory but i'm with you, the rude crowds kill it for me!


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