Things that didn't kill me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I have recently tried two new (to me) things, either one of them could have ended up with the result of my death. Thankfully, that was not the case. I know that's a pretty serious statement, so you're probably wondering what I willingly tried that could have potentially killed me, right? Well hold on a second and I will tell you!

The first one being UBER.  You can download the Uber app on your smart phone. I have always been a taxi cab queen (DON'T drink and drive folks!!), so when someone told me about Uber I was excited and skeptical all at the same time. I mean what if this rando driver is a serial killer? Well I guess that was a risk I was taking with cabs too... But with Uber, once you "page" for a driver, it shows you a picture of who is going to pick you up and what kind of car they are in. You can also track exactly where they are and how long they will take to get to you. The great thing about Uber is that you, as a rider, rate your driver. So if the person coming to pick you  up has poor ratings, you can decline. That being said, the drivers can rate you as a customer as well (so don't be an asshole). Overall, Uber is faster and cheaper. They only downside I have seen thus far is that during busy times they can charge more and you place a bid so to speak. I thought they were asking for four dollars extra, turns out they were asking to charge four times the ride fare. That ride hurt the bank account. The plus side is that if you are a new customer you can use the promo code "FIRSTRIDE30" and receive a 30 dollar credit, and I didn't die.

The next thing I tried that didn't kill me (yet), was T-25. I started it on Monday, and while I did learn exercise won't kill me, I also discovered I am really uncoordinated. I think T-25 probably took me more like 45 minutes, instead of 25. I had to do a lot of pausing and rewinding to try and figure out what type of moves they were doing. It really wasn't a terribly hard concept, I'm just that uncoordinated. So I might not of been doing the moves exactly right, but my heart rate was definitely up, I was sweating disgustingly, and I was pretty dang sore the next day. Sounds like a win in my book.
Michelle Tanner has more coordination than me...

Have you tried anything new lately?


  1. i havent tried anything new lately - i did try insanity a few months ago but i just couldn't keep up with it and it almost killed my knees! glad you are enjoying t25!

  2. lol!! michelle tanner.

    uber isn't available where i live but i would def try it out!!! so proud of u that u tried t-25!!! i'm with you on the coordination. i lack those skills so badly but its good you did stop and rewind and try to learn the correct form :)

  3. Everyone is talking about Uber lately but I'm STILL terrified to try it! haha

  4. We used Uber back in January when we went to beer fest. I still remember his name because it reminded me of Pretty Woman. It was a guy named Richard who picked us up in a Town car!


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