Labor Day Weekend

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I think I am still recovering from this weekend. Anyone else having this problem? Taking off so many days in a row can mess with ya! But I'm not complaining, I'll take a little off routine over working any day! There was so much to love about this weekend, starting with having my husband home for 4 consecutive days in a row. Then, my best friend and her husband showed up with the most adorable kids in all the land. It was a great weekend. They arrived late on their first night, by the time I got home from work everyone was in bed except the husband and Breanna. It didn't take long for my husband to be over girl talk and head to bed himself. Breanna and I soon retreated to the couch in our PJs for a few adult beverages and girl time.

On Friday we woke up and headed to the Memphis Zoo. There was a cuteness overload at the bird exhibit when Eva said "Hi bird, I Eva".
Waiting for the snake show to start.
After the Zoo we headed to Beale Street for a little dancing and food. I'm not crazy about the food on Beale but Johnny G's has some realllllly amazing greens and potato salad! After all the excitement of the day we decided to grill out, blow bubbles, and practice our chalk art skills!
The kiddos loved the Music!
Saturday started off as a lazy, rainy day. Breanna and I decided to go have some girly time that afternoon so the boys could go out that night. We decided to go to Merle Norman for  a little makeover session. Followed by wine and Sushi for lunch! We were having a such a good time, we thought bloody Mary's and darts were a must!  Well to be honest, bloody marys are always a must when Breanna and I are together. We finally decided to head home and relieve the boys of their baby duties. Luckily there was so much fun being had at home, the boys decided to have a pizza and movie night in with the kids, and let us go back out. We spent the night at fox and the hound, playing pool and shuffle board!

Sunday was a little rough for Breanna and I, but we trucked through to take the kids to the Pink Palace. I have secretly been dying to go there, but was told it was really geared more towards kids. So this was a perfect opportunity. It was a good time, my favorite (and this kids' favorite) was the 3d meerkats movie! After the museum, we dropped this guys off on Beale street for a little Bromance time. While the guys listened to music, Breanna and I hung out with the kids until it was bedtime. After the kids settled down, we popped in the best chick flick of all time, Beaches. Breanna had never seen it, and I had been dying to watch it together. If you haven't seen it, grab your girls and watch!

On Monday, it was time for goodbyes. I honestly don't know who was more sad to see this day come. Even though Breanna and I are used to them, they never get easier. But I love that our men have become such great friends over the years as well. Not mention those cute little nuggets of theirs! It really was such a fun weekend and I can't wait for the next time we are all together.


  1. aww what a fun weekend! makeovers are such a great idea! goodbyes never get easier, but at least you can see each other often!

  2. I wanna come to the next girls outing and get made over and drink dranks!

  3. Loved everything about that weekend!!!! Even the hungover part ;). Miss you and can't wait for the next time!!! Love you 😘


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