I don't want to just see it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I want to taste, smell, and feel it. The world that is. Today's blogtember prompt is "If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?". I think a lot of people would travel the world if given the opportunity. But, I don't want to just see beautiful things. I want to experience them with every sense I have.

It's no secret I love food and wine. So how amazing would it be visit some of the best and most beautiful wineries in the world? Or to visit small towns with fresh fish markets and mom an pop type restaurants, locally and internationally.
This picture is old but I loved this vineyard!

Of course, that's the luxurious side of what I would do, but I would trade even that to go visit orphanages in places such as Guatemala. I say Guatemala because that is what I am familiar with, thanks to a sweet girl named Rachel whom I went to high school with, sharing her journeys to visit the sweet faces awaiting love and stability. I think it is amazing what Rachel and her husband do for these little ones. Even though visits are temporary, can you imagine the impact on a little ones life, being able to have a little extra attention than usual. It could be reading a book one on one or even a simple hair brushing and ponytail session. It could even be a game of horse among several little ones, something I would take for granted, but could mean so much more.
So I guess if I was given the opportunity to do anything I wanted for 3 months, I'd want to do something, anything, for someone else. Being "off" of my current life for 3 months is blessing enough ((speaking work wise)), so if the chance arose I might as well pay it forward.

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  1. What a wonderful wish. I think you should go tell your boss that that's what you would do with three months off. I mean, how could s/he say no?!


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