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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well I still have not figured out how to put my picture on the side of this blog, but I have managed to discover link ups. Since this is just something to keep myself entertained while husband is gone, I really like showing up when someone else tells me what to write about.  And today's link up didn't even involve me having to write it. Score!
Today I am linking up with Mal over at Mal Smiles, for her "boys behind the blog" series. Since most of my communication with the husband is through e-mail, I simply sent him the questions and said "Answer these". To my surprise he immediately responded and didn't even ask me why. To be honest I think he thought it was a fun game, because he only asked that I answer them too. I think had I told him what I was doing with these questions, he may have answered a little differently, especially the last question. Either way here goes.
1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

    Marine animal... Mermaid

    Land animal... silver back gorilla, unless I can choose a
specific animal then I would choose some rich persons dog
Taylor with the Coast Guard dog, Kale.

2. What is your favorite meal?

    Big juicy steak... MMmmm

3. Do you use any forms of Social Media? What is your favorite?

I may be bias, but I just can't get over how adorable my husband is!

4. Beer, wine, liquor, other, or none of the above?

    Well if I cant have all of them I guess its liquor

5. Complete the sentence: "Never have I ever..."

    Never have I ever peed in someone's shampoo bottle
Back in the day when I rocked the brunette look for a while.

Mal Smiles
Mal Smiles

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