He was going to get me?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ever since I was little, I have been talking in my sleep or walking in my sleep, sometimes both. The older I have become I have learned that drinking liquor intensifies these little habits of mine. One time, the husband and I were in California and I woke up outside of our hotel. Trying to explain to the front desk why you don't have your hotel room keys or ID at 3 am is a little difficult. Add in a passed out husband not answering the phone, and you have an end result of being escorted to your room by security so they can check your credibility. The next day it was funny, not so much that night though. However, it didn't really seem scary (at the time, thinking about it now, holy shit, I could have been killed!).

Boozin it up in San Diego. Yah, I should have known what was coming...
However, the time I'm going to share with you when I was really afraid, for day 5 of blogtember, isn't an alcohol related incident. My husband's job, when stateside the last four years, kept him on a schedule of home 3, at work 2, and vice versa. I had already gone to bed because Taylor and I were going on vacation the next day and he would be home early from work. Taylor called me around midnight and told me he would be home around 2:00 am when his rounds were done. I don't know if it was because I had already convinced myself that he wasn't home that night or what, but when I heard him come in that night I yelled "Taylor, is that you?", he jokingly responded in a deeper voice "no, its John, the maintenance man". HAHA very funny. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

"John the maintenance man" in the flesh folks (not allowed near schools.... due to his creepy mustache)

A little while after Taylor came home, he came to bed. I tend to sleep with the t.v. on because I am terrified slightly afraid of the dark. I have also learned the background noise helps to keep me from sleep walking. When my husband came to bed, he made the mistake of turning off the t.v. As soon as he pulled back the sheets to his side of the bed, Taylor said that I shot up like I was on fire and crawled across the bed to him fast as lightening. I then proceeded to try and hit him while yelling "No, stop it!". He said he kept trying to gently wake me up by saying "baby, it's me". He ran to my side of the bed and just kind of held me. I finally woke up, and my heart was racing. I was genuinely scared; and had no idea why. Taylor told me what happened, and said he felt bad because he knew I was legitimately scared. After that we laid back down to go to sleep and my heart was still racing. And then I couldn't stop laughing. I seriously had the giggles for 20 minutes. Husband wasn't quite as amused by it as I was, but I just couldn't help to think how ridiculous the whole incident must have looked to a "fly on the wall". That was the last time Taylor ever pretended to be someone else ;-)

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