It is that time a year again...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not only has it officially been four months since that handsome husband of mine has been gone, it is also, officially time to carry sunscreen with me at all times. Have you seen the movie powder? That was actually a documentary of my twin brothers life, until well you know if you have seen it, you know the lightning gets him in the end. RIP Powder, RIP. In case you have not seen the movie, I'm basically trying to tell you the sun and I are not friends. I'm a nice pasty shade of white all year round... Except the one time of year (maybe twice) I christen summer by getting burnt to a crisp. Yep that happened today. Other than the hot flashes occurring due to my sun burn, this weekend was a pretty good one. I survived my shift at work on Friday without murdering anyone, and even got off a little early that night! After work I actually made an appearance at the bar which, I can't believe I'm about to say this, is a rare occurrence these days. It was a great night until we made our ride home pull over and take her pants off. Yep, you read that right. Poor thing accidentally stepped in puke when she went to the bathroom, and the smell was just too much to handle. Good thing we didn't get stopped at a checkpoint. Can you imagine that conversation? "Yes sir, I am sober; No sir I am not wearing pants...”.

Saturday was a real productive day of lying around on the couch with my weekend roommate Amanda, watching movies, and discussing all types of weird and awkward things. I did manage to take a shower and head out to dinner with some of my favorite ladies and one adorable little guy. On Sunday I actually set my alarm to wake up early. This is not something I plan on making a habit. However, Amanda and I promised our friend we would come to one of his soccer games, last year, and never made it. He informed us Friday night, that Sunday was his last game of this year’s season. We thought it was a good time to make good on our promise from last year. While it was great soccer mom practice, we failed to bring the bug spray and sunscreen #Amateursoccermoms. An hour and half later we had been eaten alive, sun burnt, and listening to a very upset young man telling us why they lost the game. We promptly told him he played great, better luck next year, and then left on the field to drink beer with the rest of his team. This is what it’s like in real life for soccer moms, right? RIGHT? OK good. It's nice to know summer is around the corner, and that bug spray and sun screen are officially a staple in my purse again! Cheers...

RIP Powder. Being Vitamin D deficient sucks...

oh I love them!

Can you tell I was wearing a necklace today?

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