Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My friend Kimberly told me that people who get up early tend to be more productive. This makes total sense to me. On days that I have to get up early (and yes by early, I mean before noon) I actually do enjoy it, once I wake up. The problem I have with getting up early is to blame on my alter ego, I like to refer to her as Rhonda.
Rhonda is mean Y'all!
You see, I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but Rhonda refuses to let me go to sleep at a reasonable hour, even when my eyelids are so heavy and my body is screaming "Rhonda! You bitch take me to bed!". Rhonda does not give in. When it's just Rhonda and I hanging out at home by our self she becomes obsessed with watching t.v. I've tried explaining to her the DVR and that we can find out if Janelle and Keifer get back together, or if snookie and that Italian midget break off their engagement tomorrow, but she fights me on this every time. When I'm hanging out with friends having a great time and decide that maybe it's time to call it a night, guess what happens? Rhonda takes over and is scared she might miss something so she makes us the last person up... even if the sun is rising..

Not only does Rhonda keep me from going to sleep, that skank has made me fat. I'm all like "Rhonda, get off your lazy ass and exercise for us." and she just laughs while washing down that brick of cheese with a box of wine.
Rhonda is going to hell for posting this picture..
So back to being productive, since Rhonda doesn't allow me to wake up early without a fight, I have decided that I will make a daily to-do list that MUST be accomplished before Rhonda comes back. I love making lists and I don't know why I have not done it before. I need to physically see what needs to be done on a piece of paper for some reason to help me organize my thoughts.

Today's list was mostly accomplished. I did clean house but decided to to just make Stella an appointment at the spa (her pedicure is chipping), and I will vacuum while she is gone (she is terrified of the vacuum). I also didn't make it to target. Which is probably a good thing because Rhonda takes over there and spends wayyyyyy too much money. And to be honest Rhonda showed up and rewarded us with a nap, which is why it is almost 2 a.m. and we're still up. DAMN IT RHONDA!!

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