The Time I was on Downton..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To say I am obsessed with T.V. might be an embarrassingly gross understatement. The trashier the show, the better! I suppose you could say it's my drug. And when I find someone who shares in the same fiend as I do when it comes to T.V., I do a happy dance. I tend to talk about these T.V. characters like they're my friends, and love when someone else shares in this absurd obsession. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I were on these shows, and it would be a shame not to share with you the acting career that goes on in my head.

I'm going to start with Downton Abbey, because I secretly wish I were born in that era. Clearly I would be the daughter of some wealthy heir, and I would go by the name Lady Claire ( Lady Heather doesn't really seem to fit). My family and I would be traveling across country with our boat load of servants, when poppa would decide to stop in at Downton Abbey to see his dear old chap, Lord Grantham. I would of course win the ladies of Grantham over with my wit and charm, or maybe I will just get them really drunk in order to make them think I'm funny. Yeah that is probably more likely what would happen. At some point in the evening I would sneak off to powder my nose, and over hear Thomas being a creep; I would report his behavior and have him removed the property immediately (because who doesn't want to see him go?). My drunken heroics will land me in the arms of Tom Branson, who will undoubtedly knock me up and marry me to save face. This will obviously land me my permanent roll on the show. This roll would eventually land me my own spin off reality show called The Real House Wives of Big British Homes.

Siiiiike, we all know if I landed a roll on Downton it would be downstairs with the other servants. And if you don't watch Downton Abbey, you should!

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