Stella is Stealing the Show Today

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm very busy today, so I decided to let Stella write today's blog post, she has been begging for me to let her write one ever since I published her letter to Taylor while he was deployed (you can read that here). So without further adieu..

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Y'all! What's shakin bacon? Actually, since were talking about it, does anyone have some bacon? I miss it dearly.  As my mom may have told you, she's on some sort of diet. She really thinks she is "suffering", but y'all know who is really suffering? ME!! It has only been 5 days since she started this crap, and all I know is, every time I come around looking for a little taste of her plate, she just shakes her head no and tells me I won't like it. I of course don't believe her and come back 30 seconds later looking for a little tasty treat. Hello, why would she be eating it if she didn't like it? Maybe that's what a "diet" is? I really don't understand human's lingo and actions sometimes. For instance: Mom does this thing she calls "working out" in the living room, but I know secretly it is her way of getting me to play with her. So when she is jumping, I jump all over her, and when she lays down trying to do something called "crunches" I just know that is my invite to sniff her hair.

Anyways, in case you haven't heard my mom and dad moved us yet again, but this house, well, it's pretty amazing. I officially have, for the first time in my young 7 years of a life, a fenced in backyard I can call my own. I can sunbathe as long as I care to on the patio, and chase squirrels and birds until my heart is content. It is a quite glorious feeling. I have yet to find some kind of cat poo to play in, but the dead winter grass sticks quite nicely to me when properly rolled in. My parents don't approve but #YOLO (unless you're a cat, stupid bitches).

That's all I have time for now, I've got to see if I can get dad to start eating pizza rolls, because that's what I miss eating most with mom.
Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease,


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