Hunger Games :: Chapter 24 Day Challenge.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This weekend, I spent more time at work then I did at home. Obviously, this is not my idea of a fun weekend. It actually makes for a rather boring blog post, but it does mean I was well behaved and didn't cheat on my challenge!! Since the challenge was the only new thing that happened to me this weekend... Let's talk about that, shall we? The 24 day Advocare challenge started off pretty great Friday. You start with a Spark energy drink in the morning to replace your coffee. Thirty minutes after the energy drink comes the hard part, chugging the fiber drink, yes, chug! If you try and sip this glass full of nastiness, you WILL regret it (the longer it sits, the thicker it gets)! The first day I chugged the drink the way the ingredients suggested (mixed with cold water), the whole time I was trying to hold back projectile vomiting all over my kitchen.  If you are not doing the challenge, but still are curious about this delicious flavored drink, might I suggest going to the pet store, asking for the shavings from the hamsters' cage, mixing it with water, and downing it. It's THAT good!

After the fiber drink I ate some fruit for breakfast, and started prepping my meals for the rest of the week. Since I am typically serving people lunch and dinner, eating at normal times is really hard for me. Dinner sometimes doesn't happen until 11 p.m. By prepping my meals I can just grab them and eat them on my break at work, or warm something up quickly when I get home.

+ I boiled brown rice
+ Steamed veggies
+ Prepped fruit
+ Boiled eggs
+ Premade salads in Tupperware (everything minus the avocado)
+ I also seasoned chicken with Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy, and had the husband grill them up for me.
.... Side note : I'm drinking water like a champ!

The hot and ready pizza is for my husband to grab and go, not me >:-(.

This was a good weekend to start a challenge, with the Hunger Games: Catching Fire being released on DVD and all I mean... (Challenge accepted Breanna.. May the odds be ever in your favor ;-)) Of course while I'm busy prepping, my sweet husband came home with pizza and breadsticks.... way to make me strong on the first day, ass sweetie! His punishment was yard work and putting my new kitchen table chairs together! Can't wait for the end chairs to come in, and complete our dinette! I am loving turning this house into a home!

In other news, we received a crap ton of wine, coincidently it arrived on day of the hunger games...

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